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XICO2KX 23rd November 2003 09:17 PM

Hi! :D I have a small problem when using BSPlayer... :(

I have a GeForce card with TV-Out and I usually watch movies on my TV... 8)
On the "Display Settings" of my card I have an option enabled that allows the movie to appear on fullscreen on my TV set even if on my PC monitor it appears on a window...
I think that option is called "Fullscreen Video" on the latest nVidia drivers! :P
And in BSPlayer, in "Options -> Preferences -> Video" I set "Overlay: Mode 2" so the subtitles (DirectVobSub) appear on the TV screen (if I don't set this option, they don't appear)!

But my TV screen is 4:3, and some movies have an aspect ratio of 16:9...
So, when I watch them, they appear on a not very large "slice" on the middle of the screen: the low and bottom sections of the TV aren't used by the movie (they are black)! :roll:
This way, I can watch the movies, but I would prefer to watch them if the image was bigger and filled all the TV Screen! :)

I tried the "Aspect Ratio -> 4:3" option in BSPlayer, but that only stretches/shrinks the image on the TV screen! :(
What I was looking for was some sort of "zoom" on the image to fill the entire screen on the TV...

But then I found the "Custom Pan-Scan" option! :idea:
And with this, I can "expand" the movie on my PC monitor, BUT NOT on my TV screen! :(
On my television the movie appears as if I didn't do any "pan-scanning", although in my monitor it works correctly! :roll:

Do you have any idea on how I can make the "PAN SCAN" work on my TV set? :?
Thanks in advance! :D

XICO2KX 2nd December 2003 05:46 PM

Any ideas? :?

Marcelo Iha 6th December 2003 10:20 AM

a temporary solution: select the copy mode in the nView, and disable the automatic full screen mode on the secundary screen

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