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Tracy 7th December 2003 09:55 AM

Screen capture size
Is there any way to increase the size of the frame capture that is output?
At the moment it is 480 x 240


BSPeter 7th December 2003 02:44 PM

Probably the size (resolution) of the particular movie you're playing is 480 x 240?
(you may - of course - enlarge using any appropriate application; e.g. also with software which everybody has, like Paint and/or MS Photo Editor)

MickyFinn 7th December 2003 08:02 PM

Try taking the bscap to your word processing program (open and copy from the desktop or folder with the captured jpg in it), which will allow you to determine (beforehand) whether you need to finagle the scan/jpg with any kind of photo editor. The latter because of the capture will determine the quality of the print-out, assuming you want to make some kind of family memory for a desktop picture frame.
Hope this helps.

adicoto 7th December 2003 08:31 PM

Capture "what you see" not "original size" when running movie in full screen. Or enlarge picture using mouse wheel in windowed mode.

MickyFinn 7th December 2003 09:08 PM

Full screen capture via shift/p, creates a sequence of items similar to stop-motion-photography. The annotated GIF, taken from from a 640x480 download at, to CorelOffice 2K2 (minimum border page set-up) and dragging the border icons to the page edges, taken through Adobe PhotoShop LE to create an exportable gif, shows that any attempt to take that dpi value to a printable sheet for any picture frame characterization requires that it be edited in some kind of paint program if you realy want any kind of picture style quality.
Hope this helps you.

adicoto 7th December 2003 09:36 PM

Capture as a jpg, not a gif. Better quality.

BSPeter 7th December 2003 10:15 PM

@adicoto: As far as I know, only JPG and BMP can be selected in BSplayer.
I think MickyFinn was only trying to give an example that you need a program like Paint or PhotoEditor (or better) in order to retain a reasonable quality.

MickyFinn 7th December 2003 10:27 PM

What I was trying to do was show that a "RANDOM" shift/p (done on the fly without any consideration as to what was being captured) doesn't ensure quality, as it was "originally" a jpg from bscap. It was taken through PhotoShop because there are limitations on the site tender for attachments. That jpg capture, to show that AVI has a "cycle" that is not NTSC, and possibly establishing that anyone using capture mode may have to use "pause then play" to find a "CLEAR" scan to capture. Or, that's what I think can solve the problem, unless a future build has the ability to use the 4channel pipe of the later CPU's to anticipate a "CLEAR VIEW" for other than mpeg, since my little exposure has shown that this format (even at 352x240) can create a much clearer viewing component.
Would someone comment on the realitive merits of mpeg versus avi, against this comment stream?

MickyFinn 7th December 2003 11:58 PM

Repost against the attempted kludge of "pause/play/pause," to try and find an exportable value for print formulated in the last comment. The gif attachment, from the same download of Starcraft Ghost.avi found at, was run at a screen resolution of 2048x1536 and a slow motion value of 50%. What it shows is WYSISWYG* & GIGO*, or, the only way you can create a better resolution from the original* is to go through some kind of paint or photo editing software. That's why there was a request for comment about the end-user creation of mpeg versus avi, since anything downloaded for review is constrained by the original format used to create the materials.

MickyFinn 9th December 2003 11:14 PM


In an earlier post to another reference, bst stated that "in pause" is was possible to use the arrow keys (left and right) to find the key frame before using shift/p. It works, well.

sidebar: I've tried every suggestion relative to getting RAM to play with bsplayer, after having removed the following dlls from my SYSTEM32 folder, then copying them and pasting them into the SYSTEM folder, to absolutely no avail.

Following the above transfer, restarting my box, I went to the particular site that used that (twod) RealMedia, and BSPlayer couldn't access their video. I guess I'm stuck with using a proggy that has an internal "report to poppa," which is really a foobar.

The player is a great piece of work, but build 803 seems to want to hesitate or ignore the left and right arrow keys (noted above) when searching for that key frame. And the CPU usage does seem higher, because in trying to utilize four separate clips (in each quadrant of my G90f), the playback was hesitant--and stopped at times.

My suggestion about a donation icon still stands, and I'll continue to use your product, but for other than on-line viewing.

Enjoyed the site,

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