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peter 13th December 2003 04:42 PM

Xvid 1 beta2 Config?
Where can I set Brihtness, Contrast, Saturation in Xvid 1 beta2, like in DivX (Look Picture).
I meen outside BSPlayer in Windows.

I'll hope you understan me, because my English is not very good.

adicoto 14th December 2003 02:29 PM

Xvid 1 beta doesn't have yet a configuratin panel. Try downgrading to 0.91 or 0.92. Here you have a brightness control.

peter 14th December 2003 06:05 PM

Where can I download v0.91 or v0.92.
I search with Google and Shareaza but I haven't found it.

BSPeter 14th December 2003 11:53 PM

Have a look here for possibilities. I think the first xvid source mentioned ( still has 0.92 available. (Don't know for sure; I personally never used that source!)
I've seen Xvid 24 June version is also in K-Lite's codec-pack. I'm hesitant to tell you though as you might be tempted to install more than necessary. In this connection please take due note of the following
A general advice re the use of codec-packs:
The art is knowing to restrict yourself!
In most situations, you do not need to install codec/filter packs and certainly not every codec/filter that comes with these packs. In fact, you may run into problems if you install too many codec/filters on your computer. It is highly recommended that you only install the codec/filters that you absolutely need.
I would suggest anyone to follow this advice anytime!

adicoto 15th December 2003 03:16 PM

I have used that source and all is ok.
But, no need to use the codec settings. If you use BSPlayer 1 you can use it's own controls. Go to video, color controls, and you have all there.

peter 15th December 2003 08:52 PM

I know I can set brightness in BSPlayer, but in older versions color controls don't work.
Color controls work in v1.00.800 and v1.00.803, but I can't use this versions, because I have problem when subtitles is loaded and I can't watch movies because errors showing after few minutes of playing.

I need v0.9.1 or v0.9.2 because I don't won't to install whole pack of codecs.
If somebody know where I can download v0.9.1 or v0.9.2 or if you have it please tell me so I can tell you my e-mail so you can send me over e-mail.

Otherwise I must wait for new version of BSPlayer. :(
Until then I can't watch Xvid movies because they are to darkness. :cry:
I hope the new version will come soon and it will work. :D

BSPeter 15th December 2003 10:38 PM


Originally Posted by peter
I need v0.9.1 or v0.9.2 because I don't won't to install whole pack of codecs.
If somebody know where I can download v0.9.1 or v0.9.2

If you say that you don't want to install whole pack of codecs, I must say you are so very right. That's exactly why I stated my general advice. That being said however (and speaking of e.g. K-Lite's pack), you can deselect every element in it prior to actual installing and e.g. even only install one single component of it.
Further if you click on "here" in my earlier post this already leads you to adicoto's post, which provides i.a. a link to where version 0.9.2. seems to be still available. I mentioned in my post that I personally havn't used that source, but as you can see from adicoto's second post, he has used it and found all to be ok.
Further: older version 0.86 also has HW color controls; did you try those?

peter 15th December 2003 11:54 PM

I had a problem with registration, but I finaly download Xvid codec from
I install this codec and there is no config only FourCC Editor.
In map where I install Xvid codec (C:\Program Files\XviD Codec Canal XviD\fuentes) is a file xvidcore-0.9.2.rar.
There is 114 files when I extract this file, and I don't know what can I do with them.
This xvidcore is in v1 beta to, but I don't know whay are these files for. :?

About HW Color Controls:
:oops: I didn't use overlay mode so this option was disabled. Now I use Overlay mode and this option work.

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