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klun222 27th December 2021 09:36 AM

Bs-player crashing
So for the past several months I have had an issue with bs-player crashing (really worked fine before that). I have my home pc hooked to tv via hdmi when I watch movies. Like I said, lately bs-player started crashing and I have no idea whats causing it. But it happens like this: the X movie works for X amounts of time, then black screen for 2 sec, then bs player crashes. (when it crashes it changes tv resolution and sometimes sound doesnt work after that). Thats how it crashes at least 5-6 times during a movie, after it does I have to replug hdmi and then reset bs-player.
Im certain it isnt a tv or hdmi cable issue, because movies via bs-player on my laptop to tv work fine. It also isnt up to the specific movie to crash bs-player.

My home pc specs are: i7 6700, gt 1030, 8gb ram.

Things I have tried are:
-reinstalled bs player/ reset all settings
-updated codecs
-updated gpu drivers/ reset all graphic settings on nvidia control panel

klun222 27th December 2021 09:47 AM

I use win7 btw

adicoto 27th December 2021 05:02 PM

If same BSPlayer, movie, TV and HDMI cable work OK with the laptop but not with a PC, then most likely the PC it's the cause.
Try to update to win10, still free to do.
If you can't update, seek if something has changed in power options (PC try to get to sleep ...)

klun222 27th December 2021 06:32 PM

I know something on PC is the cause
I know something on PC is the cause, I need to figure out what. I have checked power options before and no setting effects crashing.

I really dont want to reinstall windows, takes up to a week to get things running as they did before.

adicoto 29th December 2021 10:08 PM

I wasn't talking about reinstalling windows, but upgrading to windows 10.
1. Can you post here a screenshot of codecs used to play such files ? And if LAV Filters it's used, a screenshot of video decoder settings ?
2. Can you try to assign integrated video to bsplayer in nvidia control panel ?

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