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Rogerio 13th February 2004 02:17 AM

subtitles in full screen mode
i got my PC linked to my tv set with my Gforce 440MX, when a go fullscreen on tv, the subtitles not works ..../

please help me

BSPeter 14th February 2004 12:45 AM
(You aren't - by any chance - using another program to display subtitles are you? Like e.g. VobSub, which is shown by a green arrow in Windows system tray)

hdc 15th February 2004 08:20 PM

I'm don't know your video card, but mine works so it shows only the overlay block on the 2nd (TV) screen. Thus, I have to check Options -> Preferences -> Subtitles -> "Draw Subtitles to overlay surface", or else the subtitles are not shown. Maybe this helps in your case...

But, unfortunatelly, I found that this option doesn't work too good in the current BSPlayer version, as it doesn't allow changing the vertical position of the subtitle (Attention! I'm talking about the case when you draw subtitles to the overlay surface.), so you can not move them to the black strip below the movie canvas, and since you use large frons on the TV screen (I suppose... otherwise they are hard to read, unless you have a very good/large TV), the subtitles will be far too intrusive. They hide the movie, you see...

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