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hidde1515 8th August 2002 12:33 PM

Subtitle, I don't understand how to use
I have downloaded a startrek episode, without subtitles and I renamed it to justice.avi
I have in the same directory the justice.sub file, the subtitles for that episode
they do not load automatically, The subtitles are dvd ripped i think, and justice.sub contains more then 1 language I think.
When I do other menu, load subtitles, and then select the subtitle, notting happens, and a can't select language or show subtitles.
Do I something wrong?

Quietseb 8th August 2002 08:21 PM

Maybe you should have a look inside your .sub file
Or at least its size:

if it's a few Ko big and there's text inside, maybe it's not a bsplayer-supported format (some formats example at the end of this page). I believe sami and ssa formats are not supported.
If so, you should find a converter and use SubRip or MicroDVD format
(there are plenty of tools on or the previous linked site)

if it's rather close to 1 to 3 Mo (or more...) and nothing clearly readable inside, I'd say it's a vobsub subtitle file, which means you also need a .idx file with it (which contains the timestamps) and bsplayer doesn't display those either, you need vobsub (at least directVobSub)

hidde1515 8th August 2002 08:49 PM

Ah... thank you.
The file is 26 mb big, and not readable, and i have a idx file
So I'll try vobsub, but is the subtitle then "added to the file" or only displayed (that is what I want)

hidde1515 8th August 2002 09:04 PM

I do not understand vobsub I think could someone please explane what i have to do to watch a movie with subtitling (I have the movie(Avi), a 25 mb .sub file and a 58 kb .idx file)

Quietseb 9th August 2002 02:47 AM

Well... if the three files have the same name (such as "film.avi" "film.idx" and "film.sub") and are in the same directory [by default it works also if the subs are in a subdirectory called "subtitles"], DirectVobSub should auto-load and display the subtitles...

If not, I think there's a shortcut called "directvobsub, configure" in the directory where you installed vobsub.
double clicking it, you should see a window like this (this is v2.14, I dunno if it has changed since):

Enable "always auto-load"

when playing your movie, right-click on Dvobsub in the systray (a green curved arrow) and select "Directvobsub (forced auto-loading version)"
you'll see the same window as above, and you'll be able to open your idx file for display.

Good Luck

At Something 9th August 2002 03:43 PM

how to use subs
it's really easy how to use a sub with the movie
u just have to put the .sub and .idx file in the same folder
and check if the name (exept the extension offcource) is the same as the movie file

only bs player has an prob with it tho, it will give an acces violation and will crash the player.. i hope they will fix this bug soon

Quietseb 13th August 2002 07:12 PM


Originally Posted by At Something
only bs player has an prob with it tho, it will give an acces violation and will crash the player.. i hope they will fix this bug soon

As far as I know, bsplayer 0.85.490 works with vobsub 2.15 & 2.16 (previous bsplayer version worked only with vobsub up to 2.14, crashed with newer version)

hidde1515 17th August 2002 01:44 PM

Thanks all.. i'll try

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