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hazmat42 17th February 2004 11:38 PM

Access Violation using BSI Load Maker
I've just started using BSI Load maker, and my CD work fine under WinXP. However, the machine I want to use the CD in is Win98, and everytime I insert the CD I get an "I/O error 53" message, followed by this error message:

"Access violation found at 0047DE4E in 'start_movie.exe' at address FFFFFFF"

As a result, I can't see the start_movie.exe menu at all. The CD then starts automatically because there is a automatic timer, but once again, can't see loader menu at all?

Any ideas from the peanut gallery?

_[b}{d]_ 26th April 2004 10:13 PM

Are you sure you downloaded the latest version? (

hazmat42 27th April 2004 03:43 PM

Wow! I'm suprised someone actually responded after 2 and a half months! Anyway, yes I did upgrade to the latest version of bsi load maker, and I am still getting the same error messages. The website to download bsi load maker has a link for a plugin to use bsi load maker without the loader, but when you click on it, the plugin is not available. If anyone knows how to either solve this problem or where to get a plugin to use bsi load maker without the loader, I would greatly appreciate it.

_[b}{d]_ 27th April 2004 06:46 PM

:lol: better late than never eh?

That's exactly what I'm using as well that little autorun.exe because I can't be bothered to make a menu every movie.
I don't remember how I got it I believe through the forum of the site.
Have a go and if you still can't find it I will email it to you if you like.

The latest BSI Maker version uses delphi instead of vb so there shouldn't be any problem, or at the very least you should be getting a different error..

hazmat42 29th April 2004 07:08 AM

This is the website for bsi load maker:

At the bottom of the webpage, it has a link for a plugin which enables you to use bsi load maker without the menu. When you click on it, it give you an error message from the site hosting the download. Haven't been able to find the plugin anywhere else.

I do have 4.0.9 alpha, but I still get the same error message, and I might add, on other computers, not just my own. I think it has something to do the file architexture of the cd, i.e. the error message has something to do with "incorrect file path". If I download all the contents of the cd into a folder on my desktop, everything works perfectly.

I can create an autorun cd without this program, but I think it is a really good program and would love to get it working. I'd like to figure out how to include the "play from HD" feature on an autorun cd even if I can't get bsi load maker to work for me, but alas, I don't have the time/energy/
patience/adequate knowledge to figure it out. I can't use the LOADER_HD
batch file by itself, because it is dependent on bsi load maker's loader.
Otherwise, I would just incorporate that into another autorun cd program.

Anyway, I'd like the plugin if you have it. I'll send you an e-mail as per your last forum reply


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