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dfd3657 28th February 2004 01:37 AM

Help with subtitles!
Ah! I can't figure this out. I'm trying to watch My Sassy Girl, and I have a separate subtitle file, and it plays with the subtitles and everything, but the problem is, when it plays, I get like three subtitles (there's a set that's one size in the front, one set that's another size behind that one, and another one that's another size in the very back). I mean, I could just watch it this way, but it's really annoying! What's the problem?

BSPeter 28th February 2004 11:30 AM

Seems like you (perhaps unknowingly) are simply displaying subtitle three times by using different applications to do just that.
(E.g. 1xBSPlayer, 1xDVobSub & 1xffdshow)
Did you perhaps install a codec-pack with all :evil: goodies :evil: included in it?

General note with respect to use of codec-packs:
By using codec-packs you will be tempted to install more than necessary. In this connection please note that more surely isn't equivalent to better. To the contrary!!
General advice re the use of codec-packs:
The art is knowing to restrict yourself!
In most situations, you do not need to install codec/filter packs and certainly not every codec/filter and application that comes with these packs. In fact, you may run into problems if you install too many codec/filters on your computer. It is highly recommended that you only install the codec/filters that you need, so be very selective!
Note there is nothing against selectively using codec-packs as a source as such .... However, do make sure to always make good use of the possibility offered by them to deselect = unselect elements before installing!! However, I personally think it is still better to separately download and install the various elements you need. Then you can also separately and individually install, uninstall and/or upgrade them (instead of having to do that as part of a whole pack).
adicoto's list of codecs

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