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dtebh 15th August 2002 03:29 AM

I ripped and saved a dvd using dvddecrypter. Playing the dvd image using BSplayer, I want to have the chapters function as per the original. The chapters .txt files created by dvdecrypter do not work in BSplayer. Please advise what I did wrong or how to otherwise implement the 'chapters'.

Also, while we're at it, the original DVD (a live concert) had a root menu, lots of sub menus and other options. How are these accessed?

Lastly, I want to select sections of this concert to save to mp3 files and burn to a cd for my auto listening.

As you can tell, I'm new to this, but not to computers. Having some difficulty determining the tools needed for each aspect of the task and the steps involved. The help seems limited while the options, preferences and combinations seem infinite. lol

Thanks in advance. :D

Matimott 17th August 2002 08:22 PM

the chapter file you'll have to make must look like this :

1=00:00:00 chapter title
2=00:02:41 chapter title
3=00:16:32 chapter title

you can use chapterxtractor at to extract this information from the ifo file.

after this you can use chapmaker to make the chapter picture available on the player ( find it at )

but you can't keep the dvd menu with bsplayer...

you can extract the sound from the concert using DVD2Avi... this one can read vob file and save sound... ( find it at )

Hope it helps !

LordIntruder 19th August 2002 06:41 PM

Matimott: your url link does not work. Update your bookmark to this one:

Here are available Chapmaker the great ;)) and even for the laziest ones an ini maker. Maybe it could help in the present case.

And here another ini maker url:

And here another... hey what do you think? It's over for now! ;))

dtebh 19th August 2002 07:51 PM

Thanks for thr replies.

Can't find "chapter extractor"? ( was inoperative, but went to

Found "Chap maker", but it downloads as a '.rar' file. Was expecting a zip or exe. Ideas?



dtebh 20th August 2002 02:13 AM

Thanks again re: chapters.
Found out what the .rar files are (and downloaded the program to use them) - No longer need winzip?

Anyway, I used 'chapter extractor' and created the chapter file (in bsplayer format). Still having no success in getting BSplayer to advance to the next chapter/go back to the previous chapter, etc. (much less display chapter thumnails).

Am I just dumb or what? At this point, would appreciate someone pointing me to a place where I can just get a tutorial on BSplayer. It seems like it has promise, but has many in-operable, missing or hard to use features (judging by the seveal posts on thsi board on simple feaures/functions) or possibly just the lack of a simple tutorial/help/faq.

Thanks in advance.

LordIntruder 21st August 2002 03:19 AM

Rar files are something similar to zip files. Files are compressed and you need WinRar to decompress them.

With Winrar you can both decompress rar and zip files too.

Then with the ini maker you should be able to make it work as that kind of program take care of everything.

dtebh 23rd August 2002 01:50 AM

Chapters!! This shouldn't be this
1. Found Chapter Extractor. It wasn't on Doom9 either. Searched newgroups until I found it. Made a chapter file in BSplayer format. No help. Using the information in the post from earlier in the thread, found that the chapters file was created with a header [ChaptersX]. Removed the 'X'. Then, BSplayer finally read the chapters file (after I went into system prompt and changed the extension to .chf from .txt, which was the only option in Chapter Extractor under the 'bsplayer format setting' - Seems chapter extractor writes a file with the wrong extension which is invisable to BSplayer).

2. Now, the chapters file, after being prompted for (unnecessarily IMO) is identified and loaded, and is seen by BSplayer and now finally displays the chapter table created by Chapter Extractor. WHEW!

3. Guess what! BS Player does not go to any chapter! nor does it go to next/previou! BSplayer will not 'jump' to a time either! I just have a menu under 'chapers' that has a chapters table, but nothing more!!

Is this stuff always this cryptic and difficult? lol

Someone please help this dummy!

Thanks again. :(

Matimott 23rd August 2002 09:01 AM

I've found something about this strange stuff. Name the chapter file with the same name as your movie.
example : matrix.avi -> matrix.chf

bsplayer can also display picture of the chapter. If you want to use this feature, then, first, use your movie with the chf file, jump to each chapter by using Ctrl+B then make a snapshot of the frame with the key P...
after doing this for all chapter, you will have all picture save in your bsplayer folder, then resize each picture to a more reasonnable size ( like 160 or 180 for the witdh ).
When you've done this, you can use ChapMaker to create a cbf file. Add all your picture in the tool (use automatic load the next file in the open file dialog ). You must save the cbf file with the same name as the movie.

After that, when opening the movie, you can use Ctrl+V to view your chapter and select it !!!

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