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mesman00 18th August 2002 05:38 AM

Listeing to music without the video window
is there a way to listen to music without the video window opening. for example, evertime i load an mp3 file, the video window opens up too, and has the equilizer. is there an option i can select somewhere that will turn this off?

mesman00 20th August 2002 05:05 AM

no one has a solution for this, is there even a solution?

Falk 21st August 2002 12:14 AM

AFAIK there isn´t any solution for this problem... Bsplayer just isn´t a mp3 player. If you want a great combined player you should try Zoom Player, which has great playlist and hide support but lacks subtitle support and isn´t very resource friendly compared to Bsplayer.

goety 21st August 2002 12:09 PM


the god under mp3 players
winamp 2.x

ps: winamp 3.x sucks
in belgium we say: schoenmaker blij bij je leest,
why include video playblack, when you're an mp3 player?
and they have done it badly!!,

lucky for us!!

Shaggy_C 21st August 2002 01:30 PM

Winamp 3
Winamp 3 is really resource hogging, but only at startup. Once the main program is open, opening files and whatnot is relatively quick. Not quite as fast as WMP6.4, but not to the point where you really care. I recommend downloading the "Explorer Playlist" plugin, it makes video browsing within winamp really simple. The transparency option is nice too... BSplayer is a great program, but the poor implementation of mp3 still keeps me from using it all the time. We can only wait...

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