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phirewheel 18th June 2004 08:46 AM

XviD and DivX AVI files crash BSplayer - force RGB fixed it
This was not working for build 808 and then started working for build 809 so I thought it was a bug that was fixed in 809. Then I updated my video drivers and it starts failing again. So I start reading the bugs forum and it seems others had the same problem. I found one suggested solution - trying a diff video rendering overlay - I picked force RGB - it was in mode 1 - not even sure what that is. I'm a total newbie to this. All I know is it worked. I guess I'm wondering if the force RBG overlay setting is appropriate to leave permanently and for all cases?

BSPeter 18th June 2004 08:43 PM

If it does the trick for your computer's configuration and the picture is OK: YES - of course - do stay with that setting.

kurochan 19th June 2004 02:33 AM

i cant open a movie here in bs player and its saysunkown file format. what is the problem here? what should i do? and what is force RBG? i dont know that

BSPeter 19th June 2004 09:45 AM

@kurochan: Unfortunately you do not give any information about your PC and/or about the type of movie you're trying to play. However, for the time being, please don't bother about "Force RGB". As the message you're getting is "unknown file format", you probably need to install some codecs. Have a look at this post.

P.S.: Two tips
  1. Preferably stay away from codec-packs and if you nevertheless find you should use them: certainly do not install each and everything contained in it, but instead be very selective!! (The more you install the harder it is to find out and get rid of the source of possible conflicts and errors)
  2. To find out what type of codec you need, have a look at the second item of my post "Help to Help" (there's a link to that post at the bottom of all my messages!)

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