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macmark 16th July 2004 11:44 PM

Remote control (not WinLIRC)
Hello everybody! I've got a TV card with remote controler which I'd like to use to control BSPlayer. I use a program called bRemote to emulate keyboard and mouse actions with the remote. It can also send messages to applications (which is much more efficient). Unfortunately I can't make it work whith BSPlayer. Could anyone please help me? Below you can see functions available in bRemote. I'd be grateful for a working example (some simple command like pause).

Sends WM_COMMAND message to the current window. This is the same as Message(WM_COMMAND, wparam, 0)

CommandWin(wparam, window)
Sends WM_COMMAND message to the window with given name.

CommandApp(wparam, class [, window])
Sends WM_COMMAND message to the app's window with class and windowname.

Message(msg, wparam, lparam)
Sends message to the current window.

MessageWin(msg, wparam, lparam, window)
Sends message to the window with given name.

MessageApp(msg, wparam, lparam, class [, window])
Sends message to the app's window with class and windowname.

RafkeP 17th July 2004 10:03 AM


I have to say I have no experience with bRemote, since I use Girder myself.
However it looks like they are almost the same, so i will try to give you a few pointers.

Take a look at the bsp.h file in the SDK subdirectory of BSplayer.
It contains all the info you need :

The BSplayer window is called "BSPlayer"

It's important that you use the window option because when you have openend a movie the video window will be the top window and this one doesn't accept messages. (so don't use current window)

The msg parameter = 1026 (this is always the same for BSplayer)
The wparam = 21 (for pause, get the rest out of the bsp.h)
The lparam = 0 (always)

This should do the trick.

In case it's not working I sugest you give Girder a try.
That way you can use my configuration file (with a few small modifications for the latest versions that I still need to take care of)
I wrote a small tutorial on building a remote and controlling BSPlayer with both WinLirc (I don't recommend that) and Girder.
Maybe it's of use to you :

Good luck,

macmark 17th July 2004 04:44 PM

Thank you very much! I red your tutorial before writing my first post but the Girder file I found there was useless in my case. I also red bsp.h file and it contained everything I needed but the value of WM_USER+2. Now everything workins fine. Thanks againg man!

RafkeP 17th July 2004 08:35 PM

You are welcome.
I'm happy you got it working.

I intend to update the Girder gml file for BSplayer one day,
but first I need to finish my LCD plugin.

In the mean time : if anyone has problems getting girder to work
with my files, feel free to contact me : I'll put you back on track.


darkain 7th January 2005 10:28 PM

i'd be more than willing to write a a RM-X plugin to handle that for ya.

just give me the list of command IDs being sent and any window name ya want, and i'll build it up in no time at all.

prabhg 6th February 2008 11:45 AM

where can I get this bRemote software??

I am soon going to have HP notebook which contains a expresscard IR remote control. I would like to make that work with BSplayer... could Girder or bRemote help in doing this??

BSPeter 6th February 2008 09:34 PM't doublepost please !

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