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spunkholie 9th August 2004 05:02 AM

What is an "active system debugger?"
I'm trying to use the bsplayer vrs When I try and open it says "This program does not run on machines with active system debugger." What the heck is that and what can I do to resolve the problem?


BSPeter 9th August 2004 07:50 PM

This issue was posted also in the past, but I - unfortunately - have not seen an answer to it yet.
(If you use Search with e.g. "debugger" as a keyword, you will find several earlier posts, i.a. )
Anyone ??

mrs_ 11th August 2004 07:39 PM


My guess is that this error is caused by EXE-protector used to compress/protect the executable of BSPlayer. It uses some tricks to make cracking hard, such as self-modifying code, SEH routines etc., and because of that, it could possibly raise false alarms when there is a debugger resident in memory.
You can either uninstall the debugger, ask the author of BSPlayer to use some other EXE-compressor, or manually unpack the file (yet you need a debugger to do this :)).

In response to spunkholie's question: a debugger is a tool used primarily to trace the code of a program in order to detect its errors, memory leaks etc. It's very useful for programmers, but also for crackers.
I don't know which debugger exactly causes BSPlayer not to run, but if you're sure you haven't installed any, try removing the following key from your registry:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ AeDebug

if you have one. Remember to restart thereafter.


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