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kisianik 11th August 2004 10:01 PM

Need help after virus and trojan attack
I hope someone might help me!?
A few days ago I had virus and trojans attack on my windows media player [WMP] (standard), and by removing viruses I had to remove some components of WMP. After that, BSPlayer (BSP) stoped working - when I click on it the folder in which shortcut was located would freeze, and nothing happened afterwards, I could get out only by CTRL-ALT-DEL once and 'end task' of the folder. I think, at this time I had v.86 (don't n know which build) of BSP. Previously, I had BSP in the package with K-lite codec pack. I think that some trojans could affect other parts of my PC. Anyway, I had removed all bad guys, and my PC is clean now. Next, I uninstall completely all (except zoomplayer - came with somepackage) videoplayers, and most codecs, and installed all of them back, one-by-one, not in package as previously. Still, BSP (now is v.1) is the only one which is not working - I have media player classic, videolan, and zoomplayer working fine with regular extentions (avi, mpg), not counting real and quicktime extentions. The problem is still the same - when I open any folder with BSP inside, that folder (system or shortcut folders) get froozen, and if I click on BSP icon - nothing happens.
When I uninstall all things, I had to remove some ACTIVE X components, but I reinstall all things back, so it should not be a problem. I also have Direct 9.0a controls.
I remember that before (long time ago) when I was installing Klite codecs (BSP was bundled with them), I been told that BSP requires visual basic runtimes installed. IS it Still requires.
I have Celeron 600 Mhz processor, 320 Mb SDRAM, and WinME (Iknow it is too old, but everything was working fine before virus attack).
If anyone knows something please respond.
I am interesting in software minimum requirements as well - something else could crashed as well (that is why I remember about visual basic runtimes).
I am planning to reinstall my windows soon, but I prefer to fix that problem without doing this.
If U will need any additional info, I will be back on-line in 2 hours, and than in 14 hours (going to work).
I will try all things, but i will need time for getting to internet.
Thanks in advance for all possible help, anyone can provide.

miku112 15th August 2004 05:13 PM

Need help after virus and trojan attack
I have the some problem. Can somebody help?

miku112 17th August 2004 03:31 PM

Need help after virus and trojan attack
I found a solution. My problem caused by Norton Antivirus.

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