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Pokey 26th October 2004 04:46 PM

Video over network
If I play a video over my wireless network does it lower the quality (audio or video) at all? If it does would it help to have the PRO version and it's Network file buffering? What exactly does network file buffering do? I have seen several posts that say it doesn't work but one of them implied it was because they were illegal copies. Thanks.

Dennis_Olof 30th October 2004 11:38 AM

Network buffering is what it says. Can be used in a lot of products.

Its just word for "delayed playback". Instead of the file/video or whatever starting playback you watch the video but it plays back from your local computer which has a file that is keeps storing data in.

This is becaus sometimes network transfers pause for a few seconds etc. It just prevents the jerky playback and is good for overloaded networks.

Most of the time you dont need it, it's just a good thing for streaming playback used on the web mostly and besides most "local LANs" shouldn't suffer this. I did however and though that would help me, but lucky for me I re-installed my XP on both machines and this did the trick. So I can now use the ordinary BSplayer again.

Next time I know it's not bsplayers fault if the playback is bad.

And I dont know if network cache works or not.

Paradox_savi 7th November 2004 09:20 AM

tv station over a network
I have a question ,, if i want to create a tv station over a lan, what i need to do this???making a radio is simple ,i use shoutcast & winamp,but for video ..........

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