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Adil 7th January 2005 12:47 PM

Idiots at BSPLAYER.COM could use common sense
Jesus jesus jesus..

I come to play a 360x540 movie and guess what?.. it shows it in 360x540..

Youd think the programmers would use common sense and that they would know that 360x540 is litterally unviewable, and Black frames side to side, who would watch such a video?? you idiots.

it is supposed to be analog capture reselotion and is auto stretched auto on most dvd players these mpeg 2.. youd think these morons would get it thick and fast in their head.

Youd think they would automatically stretch such video with left to right black frames GONE

You are fools bsplayer, but its ok, windows media player is ten times worse.. your not far behind in stupidity.

artam 7th January 2005 07:06 PM

You forgot one essential fact - mpeg2 DOES contain the "display extension" information that says what pixel aspect ratio will be used on the player, therefore your 360x540 mpeg2 file will "stretch" horizontally...

But avi container DOES NOT contain such an extension, so the player supposes the square pixel playback. Therefore you must tell it to the player manually, if you captured something like a 360x540 resolution, you idiot !!!!

Go to library and self-study the video standards instead of drinking in the pub...

BSPeter 8th January 2005 05:39 PM

Dear Adil,
As a fellow-user of BSPlayer I think it is you, that should indeed "use some common sense" as you so eloquently put in the subject-line of your post.
Especially if looking for answers to questions, or ........ what is the purpose of your posts?
Your fellow-users of BSPlayer will be most happy to (try to) help anyone. There really is no need whatsoever for abusive language :!:

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