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Beckler 11th April 2005 08:46 PM

Bugs I've noticed
Hi, this is what I've noticed in 1.22.817. (WindowsMe, AIW7500 if that matters).

-In fullscreen I don't notice consistency for the mouse cursor. Sometimes it auto-hides, sometimes it doesn't. And sometimes the main window (the player/controls) sticks and I have to press H!

-Pause a video and then try to seek using the arrow keys. It seems to seek forward (though not reliably) but never seeks backward beyond the original pause point, and sometimes not at all. All video formats I tried--wmv, divx, dv avi.

-Entering fullscreen in general is somewhat dodgy. Sometimes it doesn't work even if BSP is in focus. But click on the video window and it then works. Also, sometimes when it switches (pressing F) the fullscreen isn't correct. Once it was only showing the top half of the picture, another time the letterboxing bars were black on the left, dark brown on the right! In those cases, restarting BSP fixed it.

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