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Ramirezi 15th May 2005 05:13 AM

Player crashes
I didn't want to thread jack but I'm having a problem simular to another user.

I downloaded an avi file and when I tried to open it with my BSPlayer, it made it crash. In fact, this avi crashed everything on my computer except VLC Player.

I tried to play a MPG file later and it crashed BSPlayer. I also tried to open a VOB and that also crashed the player. So I uninstalled BSPlayer and reinstalled it, nope, it's still crashing.

I did attempt to play a wmv and it plays fine. Any suggestions on what codec I need or what happened?

Is there information in the log that will tell me what went wrong?

BSPeter 15th May 2005 01:53 PM

Re: Player crashes

Originally Posted by Ramirezi
Any suggestions on what codec I need

Read (e.g.) items 3 and 4 of my Help2Help-post and let us know your findings.

adicoto 15th May 2005 07:19 PM

You probably lack, or have old versions of divx, xvid and mpeg2 decoders

Ramirezi 16th May 2005 08:17 AM

I installed GSpot and loaded the file into it. The problem is at the bottom, the render button is not highlighted, so I cannot click on it.

On the right it says
DX50/divx Name: DivX 5.0

Stat: Codec not installed (when I click on that it says that this file might not play on my OS. I'm just assuming I have an older DivX codec even though I installed the DivX player 2 days ago)

Under Audio, it has this under codec

ac3 (0x2000) Dolby Laboratories, Inc

That also says codec is not installed (and yes, I installed the audio codec that I was told I should when I originally downloaded the file)

I admit, I'm a codec pack junkie. I always want to have all the codecs because I'm always working with converting and making media, plus downloading tons of media people have created with different codecs. I like to have everything I need installed so I always assumed that the codec packs were necessary. I've been using them for years, usually Nemo's codec pack and never had trouble.

So what I should be doing is installing the DivX5.0 codec and the ac3 codec as stated in #4, correct? Is there anything else I should do since I was not able to click the render button?

Oh, I forgot, under stream type it says:
IMRR 1.0
I/L 1 aud frame (32 ms) Split: Yes

adicoto 16th May 2005 07:04 PM

DivX codec
XviD codec
AC3 codec (or AC3Filter) should be enough to play all Avi files.

Ramirezi 17th May 2005 03:35 AM

The avi files now play fine but the MPG still don't. I plugged an MPG into GSpot and it said there were no codecs and still the player shuts down as soon as it starts to play. :(

adicoto 17th May 2005 09:28 PM

Probably an MPEG2 file. Download and install an MPEG2 decoder, such as elecard or bitctrl.

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