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FMJ 23rd June 2005 09:11 AM

[FIXED] Change background colour for 16/9 movies

I'm a bit frustrated with BSP when viewing 16/9 movies, particularly when the movied are dark.

Endeed, the upper and lower band beside the image (this two parts do not belong to the movie but are the complement for my 4/3 screen) is not totally dark but rather with a dark grey tone. A bit too much luminous for me.

I didn't find the way to tune this, even with background color control in subtitle menu.

I've just upgraded my BSPlayer to 1.31 (b819) version (on a XP SP1 PC).

Do you have any advice to solve this prob ?


BSPeter 23rd June 2005 08:38 PM

What "Video rendering"-mode are you using?
(rightclick > Options > Preferences > Video > Video rendering)
Video card? Video card's drivers? Video card overlay-settings?
PS: Most recent version is today's version 1.32 build 820.

adicoto 24th June 2005 10:08 PM

Usually this brightness is controlled by video drivers, in gamma corection.

FMJ 25th June 2005 10:50 AM


Thanks for yours replies.

I upgraded to 1.31 (b819) whitout any difference.

According to me, this is not a question of video rendering but the settings of BSP. Cause with a 16/9 640x350 movie, the part of screen I'm talking about is not in the movie file informations but above and under the image included in the movie file. And these two bands should be added by BSP for having a 4/3 screen size.

Upper band (not in the movie) |
16/9 Movie |
Lower band (not in the movie) |

And for exemple for a "by night" scene, the black IN the movie is very good (I have an IBM T42p notebook with an excellent monitor) while the bands a much more grey and luminous. The contrast between this 2 zones is pretty important.

Have you ever tried to change the color in "Preferences > Subtitle > Background" ? In red for exemple. I do not success to do it.

BSPeter 25th June 2005 12:46 PM


Originally Posted by FMJ
Have you ever tried to change the color in "Preferences > Subtitle > Background" ? In red for exemple. I do not success to do it.

Most probably you've selected "Transparent background"? (in which case the color chosen for Background doesn't matter of course.)
[With respect to your additional clarification: that's how we already understood it from your original post]

FMJ 26th June 2005 02:40 PM

YES !!! Absolutely perfect.

Thank you very much BSPeter. Indeed it was this setting. Great !

I will search more precisely next time.....

I post it as resolved.

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