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Kanoto-kun 5th September 2005 02:15 PM

files disappear when player close
yeah...i click on a videofile to view it in bsplayer (the best player since this f***** problem), all fine, then i close the play on the X-button...all files in the same folder including the viewed file are gone! i've tried EVERYTHING to get them back, but they're not just deleted..they're are gone!!
please, can someone give me a hint, a tip, or something...i don't what to do happened the second time!
these files were big ones, and i have no backup...damn please >.<
i'm very sorry that I'm so upset...
the machine where it happened:
AMD Athlon 64 3400+
512 MB RAM
Toshiba DVD-Burner
ATI Radeon 9700 128 MB
17", 1440x900
almost all codecs installed
ZoneLabs ZoneAlarm Firewall
AntiVir Antivirus
BSPlayer version 1.35
Build 823 17. Aug 2005

adicoto 5th September 2005 06:39 PM

Files don't disappear. SUrely not because of BSPlayer. I am using it for years now, never had any problem. Check your system for any spyware or viruses. By the way, you downloaded the program from BSPlayer's site or from other location ?
You can send me a PM to tell you about recovery programs.

Kanoto-kun 6th September 2005 09:36 AM

that happened twice..when i closed the player

i tried windows checkdisk, scandisk, system recovery, antivir, spybot search & destroy, lavasoft adaware...nothing, the system is 100% ok..i reinstalled windows not long ago, so there can't be many issues...
so i tried: smartsoft handy recovery, Ontrack EasyRecovery and some other tools which name i don't know now...bsplayer is surely the best, but i want to keep my videos..

Tizio 6th September 2005 08:32 PM

Here is the same as adicoto!
Used the player for years and never got any problem, and surely none of this entity :shock:
As I already wrote here I don't think BSplayer can cause such a damage, but maybe BST (the author of the player) can give more explanations :?:

I'm pretty sure that BSplayer can't delete files for itself, but who knows :roll:

Kanoto-kun 7th September 2005 08:17 AM

there are some people with the same problem...are their computers infected too?
i don't think so...i've never seen like this before
and why happened it twice??
even with professional data recovery programs (that runs many hours) couldn't i find the files...

majze 9th September 2005 10:03 PM

The same problem here! It happend to me twice already. The first time I was so shocked I then wasn't even sure if this really had happend. But now it happened again - closed BSPlayer and all the files in the that directory were instantly deleted. They cannot be found in Recycle bin.

I'm using the same build 823 (17.aug). My computer is clean also (checked daily with AVG antivirus and SpyBot Search&Destroy and Ad-Aware, with definition tables updated every day), also using Agnitum Outpost firewall.

The first deletion happend about a week ago, so even if I got some sort of a new infection, I guess it would have been found by now.

Tizio 10th September 2005 04:33 PM

In date september 07 I posted this bug (that refers also to this post) in BUGS section (here).

I hope that the author will read these posts and give you/us some info on this unappropriate behaviour (I still have NO problems with BSplayer :wink: ) since the problem seems to have affected several users :roll:

keito 13th September 2005 12:06 AM

sorry for posting it twice but i don't know which topic will be read :) (see tizio's post)

i don't really know if this is a bug or not, but files 'vanishing' DO (somehow) happen by BSplayer. i've started noticing it a week, 2 weeks at the most, ago. i watched a video, closed BSplayer and suddenly it was gone. OFCOURSE i thought of the virus, hacker or spyware crap story but non of the anti-things found anything.
it didn't just happen once or twice, no it has happend 6 times already. but as tizio thought, it seems impossible that such a program could cause this but it did. i just had one 5 min ago.
all the files in the folder where the file i was watching was located just disappeared. as if they were an illusion.

maybe it has something to do with the error trying to close the player, or maybe some alien is making fun of me but i would like a solution to this. it is extremely anoying, cause i find BSP one of the best players i've used.

btw, i havend had trouble with this with versions previous to 1.35, that is probably why people say they havent expienced it. i'm gonna try 1.36 now and hoping that that version won't have this anoying 'little' problem. if it does, something is definitely wrong then :)

skode 14th September 2005 04:21 AM

Same problem here
I've experienced the exact same problem as Kanoto, tizio and majze. When shutting down bsplayer the folder with the video file that was viewed before turns out empty. Not only the video files are gone, but the subtitles aswell. I used a program called Restoration to restore deleted files, but all videofiles had a size of 0 or closeby, and these files were originally about 350MB large. Though I was successfull in restoring the subtitle files.
I am almost certain that this is a bsplayer bug and it would be really great to get som answeres. Ofcourse I'm using the free version, so I am in no position to complain. I've been using bsplayer for several years now and this is the first time I have any problems with it.
BTW. Sometimes I get an error message when closing down bsplayer with the options "close" and "continue".
Older s versions did not have this problem and I'm going to test the new version now, but the bugs occurr unpredictably.


Tizio 14th September 2005 10:44 AM

Does your version of BSplayer is 1.35.823?
If the answer is YES, then update BSplayer to the new version 1.36.825!

I think you are using that version since the error on close is related to that version only (if it happens with other versions it's sporadic, with v1.35.823 seems to happen almost every time).

BTW I never had that kind of problem, I only posted it in my post in the BUGS section since many users have been damaged by this problem :wink:

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