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kr4zy134stard 5th September 2005 07:53 PM

Screen Shots & Skins
hey guys,
recently I got bsplayer. I like it, though i don't use it fro audio ( got itunes for that) but its great for my video files and such. I got two questions. First is, when trying to take a screenshot (useing the Print Screen button doesn't work, as it does the same for WMA, etc. This isn't that thescreen shot question is) but when i use the "Capture Screen" feater when you right click on the player and go to options. When clicked/pressed, its said that it's saved as bscap___.jpg ( blank for the number). But when seeking for the source of where the pict was saved, not even the computer could find the files. Where are they saved, if they truely are.

Next Question. How does one isntall skins. ( thats basicly it for the second question)

2.08 ghz Hp Pavillion A387x
60 GB Interal HD with 7 gb back up. 80 GB External HD
512 Mb
NVIDA G-Force 64mb DDR Video

BSPeter 5th September 2005 09:28 PM

  1. Read item (b) under MISCELLANEOUS in the second part of my Help2Help-post (a.k.a. "READ THIS FIRST BEFORE POSTING")
  2. skinfiles (extension .bsz) should go in skins (sub)folder of BSPlayer's installation folder; you install a skin by either using the appropriate button on the skin you're presently using (IF there is such button on that skin), otherwise rightclick > Options > Skins (or the shortcut keycombination[Alt]+[S]) and then select one from the list.

kr4zy134stard 5th September 2005 11:47 PM

I got the skins to work, so thats not a problem...But I have read over the forums before posting, and none helped, they all went over what I already knew, but none worked. The video I'm trying to get screen shots from are of a .mkv format

Tizio 6th September 2005 08:47 PM

Have you set a destination folder for your captured screens?
Open the Preferences window (CTRL+P), select "General" section, an in the bottom-right area of the window you'll see a button with description "Directory for captured images"

Originally Posted by BSPeter
Read item (b) under MISCELLANEOUS in the second part of my Help2Help-post (a.k.a. "READ THIS FIRST BEFORE POSTING")

. Click on the button and select a path of your chouice, I hope this will fix your problem :wink:

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