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rscaputo 2nd November 2005 02:56 PM

Problem with Xvid File: sound with no video
Hi I'm new on this and yes I've read that beginner's page...

The problem I have is that with one particular AVI file encoded with Xvid, Bsplayer just playback sound and the video is only a static all messed screen.

I´ve tried with VLC, same thing, but this time the screen wasn't static but it keeped all messed.

I've tried with Windows Media Player, and finally it works, the playback was not very good, it seems to be jumping from frame to frame... but i could at least see the video working.


Computer - AMD processor 1.1GHz, 120 Mb RAM, windows XP 2002 with service pack 2, video acelerator 8 mb

Bsplayer - V 1.36 Built 825

VLC- V 0.8.2

WMP - V 10

Gspot tells me that everithing is ok with file, it was encoded with Xvid and it should play well with direct show.

Xvid codec - XviD-1.0.3-20122004 _Final Release_

Obs.: the other Xvid files plays well, no problem... just this one, but gspot said the file is good so I'm believing it. (I'm a believer) :D

Thanks a lot for everyone who helps, or at least try it.

adicoto 2nd November 2005 09:06 PM

Did you installed XviD decoder with support for DivX, DX5 and MP43 ? In this case it can be an MP43 file (normally decoded by WMPcodecs7).

rscaputo 3rd November 2005 03:30 PM

I tried to re-register the codec and it fixed the problem

thanks anyway...

adicoto 3rd November 2005 07:38 PM

I've seen this once when 1.o was released. First you must uninstall the older version (you can't replace the older xvid.dll) before installing the newest. Sou you got the older dll and all the other files are new. But the decoder remains the old one. And end up with some green pixels.

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