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algee2005 21st December 2005 05:14 PM

Brightness Settings wont Save

i looked over this forum and the stickies - but didnt find an answer to my question/problem:

when i go in the color control menu and change something and check the option "remember settings", they work fine but all settings get set back to default when the player was closed.

As rendering mode i have set "Internal render overlay (default)", it seems to be the only mode that playes avi, mpg and wmv files without problems.

I have intel-chip based graphiccard, no idea what model - pentuim 4 ht 3,0 GHz - 512 MB ram. its running on windows xp, got latest updates.

everything else on the player works fine - no other settings get lost expect the color control ones.

the problem is, my screen is very dark, must be some hardwareproblem -so i have to alter brightness manually by software, but the graphiccard settings wont take affect on the videographics in playback.

dont want to modify brightness everytime i open bsplayer again - is there no way to get them saved?

Tizio 21st December 2005 09:22 PM

Do yoiu change screen resolution when watching films?
I noticed this behaviour only when changing the screen size of my tuner playback.. :?

adicoto 22nd December 2005 05:21 AM

If your screen is dark this is the fault of the graphic drivers. Try to update the drivers, and also, try to modify general brightness from your card settings - if you have an intel-based video card then it should be an integrated card and you'll find the settings on the icon in systray that states "intel extreme graphics 2" or something like this.
Blue small display next to the watch->leftclick->graphic options->graphic properties->colour and here adjust gamma and brigthness, but don't forget to save the scheme.

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