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vladgliga 13th January 2006 01:50 PM

beginner needs help...codec problem with bsplayer
Well, this problem has really given me huge headaches... I got this new computer, and it did play some avi files, but only some. Some others wouldn't play because of "unknown file format (div3)" and others played with really bad image. After I tried basically every codec, I got all of them to work, but they all had the lame image, even the ones that worked well before. Then I unistalled everything, and surprise, they all worked fine!

Then the system crashed, and no film would play, no matter what i do...
I also found out that when I capture frames, they look perfect, flawless...
It's really weird...

Could you please help me? I'm desperate...

I have 3.4Mhz Pentium4 processor, a 128mb GeForce FX5500 videocard, and i'm using bsplayer v1.37 buil 826 but the problem occurs with every player

adicoto 13th January 2006 03:31 PM

A new installed XP SP2 can basically play any MPEG4 file, using microsoft's filters. DIv3 is played by msmpeg4.3 or by DivX 3.11. So, either install DIvX 3.11 either assign all divx files to divx decoder (generic MPEG4 support).

For codec recomendations please read this topic:

vladgliga 13th January 2006 04:34 PM

Thank you.
I did that: I installed divx 3.11, and now every avi file starts.

The image is really bad though and some of the files are upside down.

So I installed ffdshow, just as it says in the FAQs, but the image doesn't improve at all...

Still, when I try to capture images, it looks sharp and peachy...

Oh, and I do have Windows XP with sp2

adicoto 13th January 2006 04:37 PM

Sorry, but as you have seen in the post I reccomended to you and in this thread, I don't use nor reccomend ffdshow. Can't help you with that.

vladgliga 13th January 2006 04:42 PM

Thanks a lot anyway.
It's just that it's soooo frustrating... they all work now, but the quality is poor.

Don't you have like a hunch what it could be?

I AM sorry to bother you, but I'm kinda helpless...

Or, I don'y know... could you suggest me a codec configuration?

adicoto 13th January 2006 04:49 PM

So, you have divx 3.11 and ffdshow installed ? Nothing else ? When playing a video file go to options->filters and tell us what filters are in use. IIRC in ffdshow options there was a "postprocess" function that can be enabled. Search for it and enable.
Div3 files are rather old, maybe the files itself are poor quality.
Try in video renderin to swich between internal rendered, direct draw, overlay mixer and WMR9.

vladgliga 13th January 2006 05:09 PM

Well, the quality of the files is ok, I double-checked them on other compuers and also worked on mine just fine before the system crash.

The only programs installed are divx 3.11, ffd show (without changing any options from the default ones), ac3 filters and some nvidia drivers, but i guess does are harmless.

The filters, as in options, are different depending on the files i play.
I mean, some worked and some were upside down before the ffdshow instalation.
For those who worked before (but still low quality)
Default DirectSound device
ffdshow audio decoder
ffdshow mpeg4

as for the video rendering... where am i supposed to operate those changes? sorry agin for being so non-skilled,,,
For those who were upside down
Default direct sound device
ffdshow mpeg4

at options-> filters-> advanced, i see that some drivers that are shaded uin the filter expansion, have a "quartz.dll", size and version specified.

adicoto 13th January 2006 05:16 PM

2. quartz.dll is window's avi splitter (and not only)
3. if your files play upside down, what version of ffdshow did you installed ?
1. Options->preferences->video->video renderer tag (on right hand)
3 bis. When prompted by divX3.11 installer about the older file I forgot to tell you to say yes.

PS. nvidia drivers are not harmless. If you search this forum you'll find lots of posts about that.

vladgliga 13th January 2006 05:33 PM

I did toy around with the video rendering and it fixed the problem...
Films work great now...
You saved me, really! THANK YOU A LOT!!!

You actually saved me...

adicoto 13th January 2006 05:35 PM

I'm glad I could help.


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