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tetzy 20th February 2006 09:06 AM

Simple Skin Problem - Well, Maybe...
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I've just updatd BSplayer for the first time since 1.36 & now have a problem with my favorite skin.

Notice the white "BSplayer 2.00" letters? - They weren't there before I updated to 1.39 (build 829).

Any idea how to get rid of this?

See attachment below:

Tizio 20th February 2006 09:25 AM

It should be there from at least a couple of versions (from v1.37 if I remember correctly) :)

You can simply get rid of it by editing your skin.
If you want you can use my program BSP SkinMaker (you can find it in my sign):
1. Open the skin with the skinmaker (if the skin is in BSZ format you'll be asked to choose the destination folder to unpack the skin)
2. When extracting (if the option is not greyed out) choose to open the Normal Skin. Otherwise if the skin is not in BSZ format, you have to open the skin.ini file with the SkinMaker
3. Once the skin has been opened, click on the white "Version" word (it will appear where the BSplayer 2.00 string is located)
4. Now in the "Display & GUI" toolwindow un-check the Version option
5. Save the skin and if you want it again in BSZ format choose File -> Create BSZ from this skin (or just press F11)

Bye :wink:

tetzy 20th February 2006 12:08 PM


Originally Posted by Tizio
It should be there from at least a couple of versions (from v1.37 if I remember correctly) :)

Thanks Tizio - I wanted to drop you a line of thanks anyway - your help in killing off the adware was more than welcome.

One update: On my XP machine trying to simply remove it with microsofts' add/remove utility didn't work; it wanted to make me remove BSplayer first.

Ad-Aware & a quick sweep of the registry did the trick.


Tizio 20th February 2006 01:16 PM

I hope it is allright with the skin now :)

I don't want to kill of WhenU adware since it's a source of remunation for BSplater developers.
I only try to help people that don't want such a thing in their machines to remove it.

You can also take a look at this other post for WhenU removing

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