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n00b 1st January 2003 04:22 PM

some divx are encoded with 2 different languages (different languages on each speaker). how do i select which channel i want?

Quietseb 1st January 2003 09:06 PM

Re: question.

Originally Posted by n00b
different languages on each speaker

What a weird way do make a Bivx :o

the simplest method would be to adjust the balance using windows' volume controls ... only one speaker => only one language.
not to comfortable.

another way would be to extract the audio from the avi file (using for example nandub)
then edit the audio file (using for example goldwave), suppress the channel with the language you don't care about, replicate the other channel on both channels [I'm pretty sure goldwave can do all that]
then recompress the audio file (goldwave can do that as well)
then remux it with the video (using nandub again)

| 3rd January 2003 09:08 AM

I got better idea.
You can extract the audio stream from the avi file using Nanub
then edit the audio file using GoldWave (It is pretty capable wave editor)
and split stereo track into two mono tracks then recompress each of them
using LAME and VBR Mp3 (Quality will not downgrade this way) but you
will have to tinker with options a bit to get 2 files similar in size to original
audio file then you can:

1. Save only video part of the movie (NanDub) and include this 2 Mp3s
when you burn the CD (you can make ini file that will give you otion
to select wich audio you want to play in BSplayer)

2. Remux that video part only (NanDub) with 2 separate audio streams
in it you can then switch or select which you want in BSplayer (I am
pretty sure that NanDub can mix 2 audio tracks into 1 avi)

In my opinion the second solution is better.

petrovv69 1st March 2003 01:56 AM

Plays two audio streams
I tried the suggestion of adjusting the balance, but the second audio stream is playing in both channels. And is much louder of the english language.

Please help.

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