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thelonerangers 21st July 2006 08:44 PM

bs player playing on secondary screen
i have my ati xt 850 using my tv as a secondary display. it was working perfectly, then the other day i went to watch a movie and the video box was on the screen but the video wasn't there. it was working fine on my pc monitor but i was gettin nothin on the tv. i haven't changed any options or settings. any clue on what to look at to fix it and also how do i set the bs player to full screen on the secondary display but not on the computer monitor?

droctogon187 6th August 2006 06:19 AM

I am having the exact same problem with my 9500, but I don't think it is a video card issue as other players (Media Player Classic, for example) can display on both screens at the same time no problem. I can't find any settings that might fix the problem, and it used to work fine in older versions!

I searched the forums and found many people having the same problem but the fixes were work-a-rounds to the real problem and were mostly tricking the video card to play the exact same thing on both displays, and setting was for Nvidia cards. I don't know what has changed from previous versions, but I would like to see a REAL solution that the people at bsplayer fix, not work-a-rounds.

I just want to be able to see video on my monitor and TV like I could before,and don't want to have to switch to other players...

thelonerangers 6th August 2006 11:21 PM

it used to werk, i could watch a movie on my computer and the tv at the same time, now i dnt get video on my tv, i open bs player and the video screen is just black, anyone got input on this

Tizio 6th August 2006 11:28 PM

Something to do with draw to overlay surface options in either BSplayer or video card?

Try to change video rendering mode in BSplayer (CTRL+P -> Video -> Video rendering). If you have installed DirectX v9.x you can try all of them

st1ng 3rd November 2006 12:07 PM

Dual monitor video cards have two main settings - clone and dualview. Your ststem (video card setting) sounds like it is in the CLONE mode. In this mode you will have the option (in your video card menu) to select the primary monitor. When you select the TV as the primary monitor the video will play on your tv or if you select the other monitor as the PRIMARY MONITOR it will play on this monitor. Most programs will operate on both monitors in this clone mode but the video on the NON primary monitor will be a black box.

I use the clone setting and just switch back and forth between the 3 monitors (hdtv-screen-computer monitor) depending upon what I am doing or watching.

The dualview setting allows you to have the image on both monitors at the same time. You must have inadvertantly changed these settings.

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