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snoz 3rd September 2006 04:39 PM

What do the stats in movie info mean ?

I searched around the site and could not find a explanation.. I was wondering what the following means :

Jitter (std dev frame time)
Average sync offset
std dev offset

Since reinstalling my OS I had some jerky playback problems, I was wondering if these stats might point towards something ?

Thanks for help


Tizio 3rd September 2006 05:18 PM

For the definitions of those terms I'll point you to , there you'll find much more stuff than the one I can provide you here :wink:

For the problem in video playback after your PC reformat, the problem lays most probably in the codecs used to decode your movies...

Read BSPeter's "READ THIS FIRST BEFORE POSTING" post (especially items 3 and 4).

Use GSpot to know which codecs you need for which movie, and then install them (you can install FFDShow for almost everything, and nowadays its performance is comparable to the other wellknown codecs such as XviD, DivX, etc.)

If you'll have still problems, tell us which filters are used by BSplayer when decoding movies (righ-click -> Options -> Filters -> Advanced), and the type of video you want to play (extension and GSpot information) :wink:

snoz 3rd September 2006 05:35 PM

Thanks for the reply ... never thought about searching wiki hehe.. ;) I got the latest k-lite pack install and using ffdshow to decode eveything libavcodec , as far as I can see all settings are the same. The stuttering only seems to happen on high res xvid movies .. dunno why.

Edit : Dunno if im looking wrong but I cant find any information on wiki either .. :(

Tizio 3rd September 2006 06:35 PM

Try to use XviD to decode those videos instead of ffdshow.
I think your PC's specs are high enough if you were able to play those movies smoothly before the format.

Maybe the problem is related to the audio codec? Which codec does BSplayer use when those videos are loaded (right-click -> Options -> Filters -> Advanced)?

Jitter =
For the others I don't know :oops:
The std dev offset (=standard device offset) I think is the time (in ms) that the player (or DirectX/filters?) needs to process the movie frames and send them to the screen.. :?
And the Average sync offset is probably the mean value of the above offsets.
I don't really know..

I only know that you have skipped frames when your PC is not fast enough to process the movie frames to keep them in synchro with the movie time, so the player will skip some frames to keep the time and the images synchronized (and if you have a lot of frames dropped the video will not play smoothly :wink: )
Maybe those offsets estimates the difference of time between the movie time ant the real processing time, so if the movie has 25 frames per second and your PC is able to process only 24 of them in one second, then you'll have a delay of 40ms, then the player will skip as many frames as the corresponding delay in processing time (40ms of delay, then it will skip 1 frame since at 25fps every frame is displayed for 40ms)

Note: don't take this info for sure, I'm only guessing :roll:

J7N 3rd September 2006 07:01 PM

Have you enabled Post-Processing during ffdshow installation? Disable it if that's true.

Tizio 3rd September 2006 07:02 PM


Originally Posted by J7N
Have you enabled Post-Processing during ffdshow installation? Disable it if that's true.

Good suggestion :wink:

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