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Puffi 24th September 2006 12:08 AM

Switching to another window
i'm using bsplayer 2.11 now... and every time i start to play something... and then ALT+tab to another window... it takes about 2 seconds before bsplayer forces me back to bsplayer. if i go back to the window i was working in after that it wont do it again.

this is really annoying as i have to pause the video a lot and every time i go back to some other window after that i have to wait...... and then go back to the same window after bsplayer forces me to go back to the video window.

this problem just popped up like a week ago out of nowhere. i haven't changed anything or done anything differently! what can i do?

Tizio 24th September 2006 02:32 AM

....already checked for adware/spyware/viruses?

(and I don't mean WhenU Save bundled in BSplayer since it worked fine until last week...)

Puffi 24th September 2006 10:17 PM

yup, i checked with 3 different programs... sure i found a couple, but what else is new... it definitely didn't fix this problem. of course it's possible i still have 1 somewhere but... ASSUMING i dont, what can i do?

Tizio 25th September 2006 01:25 AM

Usually there are problems when the available RAM is really low, but I doubt the problem can lay there, also my PC (a really old mummy) is able to switch between applications without problems (at least between BSplayer and Windows Explorer)...

You can try to see if (by running task manager: CTRL+ALT+DEL) there are suspicious processes running in the background that may slow down your system..

Does it happens with every video file? Codec used by BSplayer to decode it? Nero?

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