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alexp 25th September 2006 06:52 AM

Windows cannot open C:\Files\clip.mpg
Hi, since a registery problem with XP Pro SP2 while ago. I could not open any AVI file using BSPlayer. It freeses and displayes Windows cannot open C:\Files\clip.mpg, please check your file name etc.

Have tried different clip and un-install and install BSPlayer back but same probem. Also my Windows Media Player looking for codec on the net and fails to open the codec and clip opens with no audio. v2.10 build 939, 10 July 2006. I have installed all audio codec hoping that BSplayer somehow dealing with the same problem as Media Player but freeses and after couple of mintes come with OS message above.

I have no clue what to do now. I hope there is a way to fix it.

Tizio 25th September 2006 10:52 AM

Try to re-register quartz.dll, or if you can, reinstall SP2, maybe with that registry problem you had something gone wrong..

(next time don't double post :wink: )

alexp 25th September 2006 11:00 AM

Thank you Tizio. Sorry about double posting, first time came up with error message therefore I thought did not work but I have noticed two posts and no way to remove one.

I have only found quartz.dll under C:\Windows\System32. i have no clue how to re-register the file. Also I am in vacation and have no access to SP2 CD.

Could you kindly let me know how to re-register quartz.dll and what is the functionality of this file?

Tizio 25th September 2006 12:40 PM
quartz.dll is a library with functions for DirectShow, a part of Microsoft DirectX, to deal with multimedia files :wink:

alexp 25th September 2006 02:30 PM

Thanks Tizio. I have re-register quartz.dll and reboot the system but no luck. Then tried to install most recent version of DirectShow from MS site. I'll try to see if it helps and let you know. Is there anything else I could do to fix the windows? I mean if BSPlayer use DirectShow ans somehow that was damaged, installing new version should help, right?

Tizio 25th September 2006 02:44 PM

It should, but it's not sure..

Can you also post the codecs used by BSplayer to ply the incrimintated movies (with the movie loaded right-click -> Option -> Filters -> Advanced)?

alexp 25th September 2006 03:00 PM

Installing most recent version of DirectX did not help. Actually I cannot play AVI clip with either of BSPlayer or PowerDVD. Only Media Player can play the AVI clip with no Audio. Media Player tried to get audio codec every time I try to pay AVI file but fails even with active internet connection.

problem is that, in order to access Filter and Advance under options, i would need to open any AVI file but as soon as I open any video file, BSPlayer freeses and after couple of minutes comes with windows message of not be able to find the clip and try again.

I am using most recent version of player Build 939, 10 July 2006, not sure if this help you to find out about codec vrsion.

Tizio 25th September 2006 05:36 PM

Use GSpot to know which codec is neede for your video files (audio and video codecs needed are listed, plus codecs installed on your system).

Probably FFDShow will let you play your files without problems :wink:

alexp 25th September 2006 05:57 PM

what is (GSpot) it? where can i get it?

Tizio 25th September 2006 06:01 PM

Read BSPeter's sticky post in general section ("READ THIS FIRST BEFORE POSTING" a.k.a. Help2Help). At item (3) you'll find a link to GSpot (and many other useful information) :wink:

alexp 25th September 2006 07:00 PM

Thanks a lot. I have installed GSpot and here is what I got when I opened AVI file in question.

Video: codec: div3, Name: Dicx 3 Low-Motion
Status: codec(s) are installed

Audio: codec: 0x2000(AC3, Dolby Laboratories, Inc) AC3
Status: codec(s) installed

Don't believe it is codec or BSPlayer, it is my damn windows that damaged due to recent virus and registery problem. I forgot to tell that during cleaning virus, one of OS files scvhost.exe or svchost.exe was removed from system. I had to run RegCure to get rid of references from regfistery and even manully remove some values that still poiting to missing file. Damn guess have to wait when I get home and install windows and all apps over.

Meanwhile what do you recommend to be able to watch AVI files with smallest size as I have Dial-up 56K only.

Tizio 25th September 2006 07:39 PM

For DIV3 files read here:
And for AC3 audio streams install AC3 Filter
(search the net for them, or go directly to )

SVCHOST is an important element in WinXP systems... It's used to run several services, I definitely suggest you to format your pc and reinstall Windows.


Originally Posted by alexp
Meanwhile what do you recommend to be able to watch AVI files with smallest size as I have Dial-up 56K only.

Do you mean "the smallest decoder to play as much AVI as possible"?
Well, XviD is really small (less than 1MB), but you can't play all video files with it...

FFDShow is ~4MB (less than 20 minutes to download it with a 56k modem) and is able to decode really many formats.. I suggest you to download it!

alexp 25th September 2006 07:51 PM

well, I only need to watch some AVI video clip that I have. For the rest of video types, I'll wait for my reformatting windows and use BSPlayes as usual. Does FFDShow MPEG-4 allows you to watch AVI files or this is a codec and I need another app to be able to watch AVI movies?

Tizio 25th September 2006 07:58 PM

FFDShow is a codec for several file types.
You can play AVI files with BSplayer if ffdshow is installed..

But do you need a codec to play AVI files or a player (such as BSplayer)?

BSplayer package now is pretty huge for 56k owners (6MB+), plus you need an internet connection enabled to use it (due to WhenU Save adware now bundled into the installer), but you can still download BSplayer v1.37 [~2.5MB] (or if you want the ooooooooold v0.86.501 [~1MB] ) from here: :wink:

alexp 25th September 2006 08:57 PM

Thanks very much! You did it. After I installed FFDShow, both BSPlayer and Windows Media Player started to work just fine.

You are the man!

Thanks again.

Tizio 26th September 2006 12:20 AM


Originally Posted by alexp
Thanks very much! You did it. After I installed FFDShow, both BSPlayer and Windows Media Player started to work just fine.

You are the man!

Thanks again.

I'm sorry to have pointed you to the codec issue so late...
I thought it was the OS to cause the problem :P

I'm really happy you were able to fix it :D

alexp 26th September 2006 07:18 AM

Well, it was combination of OS and codec issues. I have re-installed almost all codec that I have found under Video and Audio link under but still no luck. Guess I did not know what codec I would need to play AVI. Anyway I am glad to be able to watch my AVI files.

Still you are the man as the whole discussion from posting, to get result was less than a day which is great for free support in public forum.

Keep-up a good work :-)

Tizio 26th September 2006 09:24 AM


Anyway I don't suggest you to install all codecs available all in one! It may lead to incompatibility issues.

Open your movies with GSpot and then install ONLY the codecs you really need.
Probably ffdshow and AC3 Filter are enought for the majority of the movie files.
If you need more help feel free to write here again.


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