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tefl0n 23rd December 2006 01:31 AM

BSplayer and DVD (.vob) playing?

I know it's been discussed many times, but i would like to know is there any way i can play dvd (.vob) files with BSplayer Pro 2?

I mean - if you do right click in the player, there is a choice "Open DVD" - then i select the drive where dvd is and open, but still it says Unknown filetype or smth. Even in the options at Extensions tab there is a support for .vob format, so why can't it play it?

At the moment i have to play these with MPC, but i'd like to do it more with BSplayer

Maybe there is some kinda plugin out there to play with BSplayer DVD's? If so, then i'd be appreciated if you tell me what is it.

thanks and best of luck,


edit: got the pic with Elecard, but which codec for getting sound?

J7N 23rd December 2006 07:29 AM

Re: BSplayer and DVD (.vob) playing?
DVD playback is a little different from generic MPEG-2 TS playback. For the first you need to have specfic software which I am not able to help you with. (In fact I do this type of playback with VideoLAN Client v0.8.5.) For the second you need a MPEG-2 TS demultiplexer, a MPEG-2 decoder and an audio decoder. I can supply you with these.


Originally Posted by tefl0n
got the pic with Elecard, but which codec for getting sound?

Ac3Filter. Please invoke its properties and configure the number out output speakers you have installed, bit depth 16 or 24, and formats AC3Filter should handle.

tefl0n 23rd December 2006 10:56 AM

yes, i have latest AC3Filter, Output is chosen "AS IS (no change", because i do have headphones (audio-technica ath-a500) and do not know what to choose exactly for these.

bit depth is at 24bit, because i have Audigy 2 Platinum eX which is configured to use it when avaiable and nothing else is configured. should i do more?

J7N 23rd December 2006 08:34 PM

So you do have sound now?

For headphones you set output downmixed to stereo 2/0. Disable formats: PCM (so that Ac3Filter doesn't hijack all streams), MPEG Audio (Mp2/Mp3 have their own decoders), PES (if you're not be using the DVD playback of BSPlayer2).

Set the DRC (dynamic range compression) to a positive value if you'd be listening in noisy environment thru loudspeakers.

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