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Mablak 10th January 2003 05:12 PM

SVCD/VCD with bsplayer and how to get it to work ...
hey i'm trying to play a VCD or SVCD (i dont know how to tell the difference between the two :? ) with Bsplayer. needless to say it doesnt work. :P
i'm draggin a file from a virtual drive (deamon-tools) named Avseq01.mpg
Bsplayer then Bsplayer starts to hang.
i've tried to install svcd codec for wmp but it didnt help at all.
does ANYONE have any suggestions ?

denmark40 11th January 2003 04:26 PM

for both vcd and svcd (if they are burnt as vcd or svcd resp if they're in a bin/cue on a virtual drive) you need an XCD DirectShow Filter.
"The problem is, Windows exposes such files in a special way, that needs the presence of either a special DirectShow filter (such as the XCD reader filter below), or direct application support in order to be able to use these files. " quote from , where you can get such a filter also:
Alternatively you can extract the "pure" mpg from the bin/cue with Isobuster (use "Extract M2F2").
A vcd should play without any codecs, for an svcd you can use Elecards mpg2-codec.

mablak 11th January 2003 05:42 PM

hey denmark40 and tak for din svar (thanks for your answer)
i kinda solved the ordeal myself, after yet some hours of tinkering with it :?

i ended up installing a complete codec pack (ace mega codec pack from ) and the newest build of bsplayer.
for anyone with the same problem as me that solution worked to solve the problem.
but it created a new problem - playback of all types of media is now more cpu intensive. my tvbox (p2 400 mhz) is not powerfull enough no handle it any more. any suggestions and information are much welcome !

@denmark40: if i install the filter will that make media playback less cpu intensive ?

Deadmeat 13th January 2003 03:39 AM

This is an mpeg2 decoder, should allow you to play mpeg2 (svcd) files in bsplayer.

Codec packs are bad m'kay :)

denmark43 14th January 2003 12:16 AM

400MHz isn't much for an svcd... An svcd has either 480*576 or 480*480.
I can't say if that odec-package slows your machine (I'd be careful with all packages). Try i out: remove it, and install the mentioned filter. Let us know then.
(nice danish!)

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