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dimchopicha2003 27th May 2007 04:06 AM

[Solved]BSPlayer freezes for 2 sec
While trying to solve subtitles problem I got a new problem somehow.
I've made clean reinstall of bsplayer and all of my codecs - divx, xvid, ac3, lazy man's mkv codec. Now everytime I start a movie after 1-1.5 secs after the start bsplayer (the movie) is freezing for 2 secs and then it plays again. I haven't this problem before the clean reinstall.

Tizio 27th May 2007 10:58 AM

Is it somehow related to file buffering?
Are you using BSplayer FREE or PRO? If you are using BSplayer Pro and you have activated buffering in BSplayer preferences (maybe with a high amount of mem) it's normal, otherwise it may depend on the codec used...
Does it lag with every movie or only with some types?
Can you tell us which codec is used to decode the videos? (while a video is playing, right-click on BSplayer window -> Options -> Filters -> Advanced)

dimchopicha2003 28th May 2007 12:09 AM

lol :lol: it was from the network buffer. Its fine now. Thank you Tizio.
I wonder why network buffer will cause movie to freeze while it is supposed to help movie to not freeze. :shock: :lol:

Ico-man 28th May 2007 09:54 AM

File buffering has separate thread priority than the main BS.Player process.

Try reducing the priority of buffering process and increasing the priority of the main BS.Player process, that should solve the problem.

If the file buffer process has higher priority than BS.Player process, BS.Player waits for buffering to complete (since it consideres it more important), while if you set higher priority for BS.Player main process, it will start playback even when buffering is still not completely finished.

Try it out.

Tizio 28th May 2007 06:17 PM

But doesn't BSplayer start playing the file once the percentage of the buffer setted in the buffer preferences has been reaced? (for example if you set 6% and you set 100MB buffer, then BSplayer will start playing the file once BS.Player loads 6MB of the file into the buffer) :roll:

Anyway it will stuck at the beginning of the file, but after the movie starts, buffering help the player to play the file smoothly :wink:

Ico-man 28th May 2007 06:31 PM

Yes the BS.Player starts playing the file, when the buffer is full to the x %. (x defined in settings.
But in this case the problem is CPU usage. For example if you set buffer priority to time critical, BS.Player priority to normal, and you try to buffer 50% of a 700MB file, then the BS.Player will probably have problems with playback in the first few seconds, because the buffering takes too much resources.

Thats why we suggest you set the BS.Player priority to Above Normal, and the buffering priority to Below normal, for optimal viewing pleasure.

Tizio 28th May 2007 08:16 PM

Thank you for the clarification ;)

dimchopicha2003 28th May 2007 11:28 PM

Thank you. :arrow: :idea:

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