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seishin 28th September 2007 04:15 AM

Loop Delay
version 2.24

when trying to to have a continous loop for a vid (for desktop background display purposes) there's about a 1.5 sec loop delay that i was wondering if there may be some sort of way to get rid of it altogether

thx for your replies

J7N 28th September 2007 06:10 AM

Re: Loop Delay
I don't think it's possible with DirectShow. Only the best audio players can do this with sound. I've yet to see a good alternative video player.

However, I've managed to loop a clip using AviSynth. It is a good video editing language. You will need a lot of memory though and a CPU considerably faster than required for normal playback. So Pentium 2 will not do.


vid = DirectShowSource("Richard_Dean_Anderson_Trailer_1.mkv")

Here I looped a vid three times around starting on frame 75 and ending on 1525. I've cut the clip to check for the pause. You can use -1 to loop almost infinite times and omit the starting and ending frame numbers.

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