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tizzy 5th December 2007 09:53 PM

how do i can change a 16:9 divx file to stretc on the full..

i no how 2 change it 2 4:3 but it still be the same and wont stretch 2 full screen

so how can how do the it?

Tizio 6th December 2007 10:33 AM

Do you want to stretch the video or to enlarge it (this way the aspect ratio is kept but some video portions will be cut)

To go into fullscreen mode just press F, then you can use several keys:
If you want to stretch
- Use CTRL+NumKEYS (2,8,4,6) to resize the video area

If you want to keep Aspect Ratio
- Use M key to achieve Movie mode (you can use this even if you didn't entered full screen)
- Use SHIFT+O to use custom Pan-Scan settings

Or just select "Cut top and bottom of video in fullscreen mode" under Video settings (CTRL+P)

Plus if you want to freely resize the movie window while in Windowed mode, just un-check the "Keep aspect ratio" menu item (right-click to open menu -> Video -> un-check that option) :wink:

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