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theo08 10th June 2008 12:07 PM

[SOLVED] Help ...
I want to make a subtitle with notepad using BSplayer, but unfortunately i don't know how to change time showing” to the frames, so that i could beter adjust the subtitle.
If you know please tell me! :D :wink:

J7N 10th June 2008 12:16 PM

Re: Help ...
Get "Subtitle Workshop". It's one of the best programs for working with subtitles.

adicoto 10th June 2008 05:10 PM

There are many programs dedicated for this job. Subtile Workshop, Subtitle Translator are some of the best.
As for notepad (J7N - half of my friends use it to create subtitle) the way to transform in frmes goes like this:

A 25 fps movie
the time is: 10 min 25 sec

the frame is: (10 min X 60 secs + 25 secs)*25 fps=15625 frames

In short: multiply the number of the seconds with the framerate and you should have the frame number.

On the other hand, in Notepad it's easyer to work with srt format, that it's based on time and not on frames. :wink:

BSPeter 10th June 2008 08:34 PM

Direct links to Subtitle Workshop, Subtitles Translator and Winsubtitler in item (9) of my Help2Help-post.
Further (I need to mention of course) BS.Player Pro has a subtitle editor!

J7N 10th June 2008 11:08 PM


half of my friends use it to create subtitle
Don't tell me that you input Show and Hide times in a text editor, without ability to quickly preview the section. You may edit & translate – yes –, but not create.


multiply the number of the seconds with the framerate and you should have the frame number.
Try to multiply by 23.976 in your head!

Subtitle Workshop can convert between time and frame units. It sometimes comes handy when applying subs originally created for sped up 25fps material to original 24fps. Beware that this conversion process is in fact quantization and should not be performed if you later want to adjust the speed at which the subs play back (to match a different frame rate).

adicoto 11th June 2008 06:08 AM

At this moment, me and the team I am part, we have at least 1000 CREATED subtitles (I personally come close of 100). Some of them use a media player to preview what they are subtitling. We also have an on-line translation program (used just to translate an existing subtitle).

As for 23,976...we don't calculate in our heads.

As for Subtitle Workshop, many of the last builds had many bugs, and some of my friends gave up in using it. I personally use and reccomend Subtitles Translator.

Tizio 16th June 2008 08:42 AM

Yes, Subtitle Workshop is a great program, but some bugs made me stop using it (they where really stupid and annoying bugs :evil: )
But to create subs with notepad...well, srt ones are not so difficult to create, but (IMO) it's really a waste of time to do it by hand since there are plenty of apps that allow you to easily create/manipulate them. And sometimes time is a great factor when you have to relese something to the public..

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