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Jer 22nd June 2002 05:20 AM

Low-end PC Divx Help!
I have a low end AMD K6-2 450 Mhz 96 MB SDRAM and 8 MB Video Card. Sometimes when I play divx files encoded at 640-480 it freezes, the audio goes out of sync or it skips. What features are in BSPlayer that can minimize the resources when playing a video for my pc? Thanx in advance!

Ca|ibur 22nd June 2002 05:28 AM

Will enabling the "alternate filter" (read that in Divxdigest) help? I tried enabling it but I don't know how (the option is available but I can click on it). This is Jer btw, I registered sorry for double posting!

LordIntruder 22nd June 2002 11:18 PM

To lower the ressources taken by BSPlayer, be sure that in tabs Divx and Divx 3 the settings PostProcessing level is set to "0" (To the left) and CPU Quality is set to 0 (to the left too).

In the last few months, quality has been taken to the up and the BitRate per film as been increased so that where a P2 could decode without any problem a movie with a low bitrate, it now can't due to higher bitrates used in encodings.

techguru 3rd August 2002 04:44 PM

What you need to do is to have DivX 3.11 installed (for DivX Audio not included with later versions) and DivX 5.02. When you install DivX 5.02 answer "yes" to the question if DivX 5.02 should play 3.x material.

Start a movie with BSplayer, rightclick movie, go to "Properties" in that menu, select "DivX decoder filter".

Click "Quality settings" tab, check "yuv extended mode" and "Overlay extended mode". (If your graphicscard supports this, I think so).

Now you should've gained some 10-20% performance, and even 640x360 movies should play fine.

If you still need more performance try setting your system FSB speed to 112 MHz (if you know anything about overclocking and your system supports it). AMD K6 suffers from low memory bandwidth since it has no level 2 cache built-in. By increasing your system buss (FSB) to 112 MHz from 100 you increase your systems perfermance by at roughly 10%. (Make sure you lower the multiplier so that your CPU speed stays the same).

Good luck dude!

tempost 18th June 2003 06:34 PM

Try replaceing your divx decoder with ffdshow (latest).
it show's better preformences on slower pc's but might be less stable.
you should try the latest version (beta/alpha) but if it dosen't work, step
back version by version.

you should know what files are installed by the codec and how to remove
them plus how to unregister them or else... :wink:

kitsaros2000 19th June 2003 06:29 AM

Use ffdshow.
Now some hardare tweak :
bios - Cache Latency : ---> 2
With this i an see on my k62 500 divx fine withoun any problem !!!
Do this at your own risk . But its the only way to seedivx on that machine !
Bye :wink:

tempost 29th June 2003 08:30 PM

Just upgraded my pc to 2600mhz with a 5600fx nvidia adapter so
i can almost safely say that the divx decoder has better quality while the
ffdshow has better performances. so all of you folks with an under 550mhz
pentium/amd should defiantly work with ffdshow while pepole with high
performances adapters and cpus should work with divx decoder, if you
some whare around the middle (600-650mhz, adapter = ?) you might
want to experiment with the two (diffrent quality settings, overlay and
stuff like that.

Katharsis 29th June 2003 09:20 PM

seriously, lower your screen resolution to at most 800x600, 256 colors

then set in preferences>subtitles>display subs in overlay

try the movies, all should play in overlay. You might get a slowdown with Xvid encoded stuff but perhaps your comp is fast enough.

And also, concerning the hardware -- check your cables that lead from MB to the hard-drives and CDROM drives. if they're the old type (low density), try to upgrade to the new type (high-density), it should speed up the data transfers. You can recognize the low-density cable from the high-density one when you compare the cable leading to the 1.44" diskette-drive to the one leading to your main HDD. if their density matches (line density, not cable width), you've got old, low-density cables. If not, you already have the good high-density cables. If you don't understand what I just wrote, ask your technician.

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