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suadnovic 31st October 2008 12:41 PM

Support for serbian linguage
I downloaded LNG file for serbian lenguge support in BS Player, I think from


and in Zip was this tex file about installation. When I open it in Notepad, have this "hieroglyphs"

And the same thing aslo in BS Player, after serbian linguage activation, whole menu is in this "hieroglyphs". What about this? (I suppose problem is encoding) Can this be fixed? Sorry if similar is allredy posted.

BSPeter 31st October 2008 02:25 PM

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Perhaps it reads better in Cyrillic?

suadnovic 31st October 2008 03:41 PM

I do recomendations from BSPeter's reply, and now can see tex file from Zip, and he is exactly the same like in BSPeter's reply. But situation with BS remain the same, "hieroglyphs" are still here. Support for serbian linguage from second link in my first post, was maided for 2.30 version, and I use 2.32, which haved some serbian LNG in lang folder, and now is overwritten. Strange is that with croation linguage BS doesn't have this problem.

BSPeter 31st October 2008 08:18 PM

Please note the language of this forum is English.
So your posts should also always be in English or with an English translation.
However, I understand you did as suggested in the help.txt file and that you could now also read it (yes it is the same).
Further also the Servian language file which is in the actual 2.32.975 download version of BSPlayer still is the one for version 2.30.970.
(Only few changes between those versions anyhow.)
I'm not sure that your problem has gone now, because I think you wrote that Croatian Latin alphabet language is without problems (contrary to Servian).
(You could always contact the Servian translator=BS.Player user. Maybe he is able to help you more efficiently)

suadnovic 1st November 2008 12:52 AM

Also in croation Language isn't all letters correctly displayed, I meen letters č, ć, but letters š, ž are correct. Maybe because this letters aren't in slovenian Language. So BS Team must consider this problem in future, and solve problem in one of next updates.

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