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rogier 12th November 2008 01:29 PM

SDK => Play files
Hi there,

Currently, I'm working on a controller for BSPlayer with C#.
I got pretty mucg everything working, except for the GetSkin and GetFileName commands.
I seem not to get this right. Is there anyone who HAS got this working.
Some examples provided on this forum are incorrect for the version I use.
(Yes, I'm working with a very old BS.Player: 1.0.808 free edition)

However, this is not my question.
I encountered some really annoying problems.
Am I correct when I assume that BS.Player sometimes crashes
(well at least generates an error) when I try to fetch a player status or position as soon as the player is between loading files?

Second, and this is really annoying:
at program starts, I either fetch the BS.Player handle OR start a new BS.Player process. Until here, all works just fine.
Yet, I can NOT execute any command until I at least start BS.Player itself.
That is, I first HAVE to press play on the player. Afterwards, I can load files, skins, execute commands etc etc.

There seems to be some init process I'm not aware of?
Is this a known issue for these old players?

I did a workaround by calling the command line enqueue method to add
files to the playlist, but this is not really what I'm after.
This works, the player starts playing immediately.
BUT, I don't wish to use the command line method.

In my opinion, whenever I issue a direct play command after I created an
instance of BS.Player should work?!

Anyone who can help me out or knows if current versions of BS.Player
also have these issues?

Last of all, is there (maybe in newer versions) an option to enqueue
files through an API command?

Thaksn in advance,


rogier 12th November 2008 05:28 PM


I found some added functionality for BS.Player 1.0.800+:
the LoadPlayList commands.

Though this also works, I still have an issue:
What do I need to do to directly play the loaded playlist?

If I have the following subsequent actions, the file that was playing before loading still is loaded (these actions are all sent to BS.Player FROM my app)

- LoadPlayList ( 'anyfile.bsl' );
- ExecuteCommand( BCMD.Play ); //yes I use a map/enum

The playlist is loaded, yet executing a command Stop, then Play also has the same problem:
the old file is STILL loaded and the Play command thus leads to that file being played :(


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