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brother 12th January 2009 10:16 PM

Automatic aspect ratio

I run a laptop as HTPC through a 16:9 plasma display using a 4:3 resolution.
This odd combo is the preferred one for this display, but leads to AR problem as 4:3 desktop enlarges to 16:9.

What does the trick is setting BSP to anamorphic AR, solving the AR former problem.

The thing is that I manually have to select everytime this AR setting; it does not remember the former AR; although option appears checked it is necessary to select it again.

Using preferences>playlist>aspect>anamorphic avoids the issue of selecting it for every file but, when I play a 4:3 file this anamorphic shows a real 4:3 (side letterboxed) when I really want to fill the display.

Aside from that, if I check 4:3 on that file for easier viewing (filling the display), everytime I pause, FFD or RWD it changes again to the Anamorphic setting.

So, I would to know if it is possible:

1. to use that automatic setting (preferences>playlist>aspect>anamorphic) but to keep any change I make until video is stopped (that's how it should be)

2. to remember last AR used effectively, i.e. no need to reselected it again for every new file.

Thank you

P.S.: v2.31 on Win XP Pro SP3


BSPeter 13th January 2009 12:00 AM

Playlist's defaults can be defined under:
(rightclick >) Options > Preferences > Playlist
On playlist itself (i.e. the "Old style"-version) you can set aspect ratio for every individual movie.
Is "Keep aspect ratio" selected under (rightclick >) Video ?
Also note the "Remember movie settings" option under
(rightclick >) Options > Preferences > General > [General settings]

brother 13th January 2009 09:38 AM


Thank you for your answer.

Yes, 'keep aspect ratio' is selected and also 'remember movie settings'.

I did not find any difference checkeing the 'old style' in playlist.
If I select there AR as anamorphic and the file is 4:3, everytime I pause, FFWD or RWD the display comes back to side letterboxed (centered 4:3) until I reselect '4:3' again on AR to fill the whole display.


BSPeter 13th January 2009 05:55 PM

Vista/EVR user perhaps? What BS.Player-version do you use?

Originally Posted by In changelog file BS.Player-team
Version 2.34.980
* improved Youtube playback, also it's now possible to seek within stream
* improved radio refresh speed in ML
* key definitions set for windowed mode are now automatically assigned to full screen mode
+ added support for global multimedia keys
+ added proxy settings to codec manager
+ added support for HD YouTube videos
- fixed aspect ratio problem with EVR renderer
- fixed custom subtitle position with EVR renderer
- movie settings (position) were not remebered in some cases, fixed
- in some cases chapters were not properly detected in MKV files, fixed
- fixed problem with ML on secondary monitors
- some other bug fixes and changes


Originally Posted by brother
I did not find any difference checkeing the 'old style' in playlist.

In playlist "Old style" you can (at the north-east corner of the playlist-window) set Aspect ratio for the selected movie. This can be done for every individual movie in the playlist. Such feature is not present in playlist new style.

brother 14th January 2009 12:13 PM


It was v2.31 on XP SP3. I tested v2.34 and I have the same problem.

I see now the 'Old Style' playlist effect. Nonetheless I do not use the playlist utility.
I only use the Options > Preferences > Playlist>anamorphic because in that way every single file I open is rendered as anamorphic yielding the right AR for my display; but if I play 4:3 material black bars appears on both sides. The problem again, is that if I set there the 4:3 AR (while playing) black bars disppear, but come back everytime I pause, FFFW or RWD.

IMHO this is a malfunction; if the user set a special AR once the file has begun playing, then it should be respected no matter what the former playlist setting is, until file is closed (which excludes pause, ffwd, rwd. etc).

Can you reproduce this behaviour?



brother 17th January 2009 01:46 PM

Any idea? :roll:

brother 1st February 2009 11:17 AM

Automatic aspect ratio not working

anybody there????

At least, if this is the way the program is intended to behave, say it so and I'll stop waiting for a non-coming solution.

If not, please move this to bug section or tell me to post there.



kimiraikkonen 24th September 2011 06:51 PM

Setting "aspect ratio" in playlist preferences as "original" somehow isn't taking effect. I have "remember movie settings" off and i just want my player to remember playlist movie's aspect ratios. How can i do that?

BSPeter 24th September 2011 07:58 PM

BS.Player version/build?
I understand you set "Aspect" under Options > Preferences > Playlist to "Original".
If you open old style playlist there is another box (at top-right) where you can set "Aspect" separately for each individual movie in your playlist!
E.g. for the first file Aspect may be set at 4:3 and for the second file at 16:9 ... etc. These settings override the default setting under Preferences.
Perhaps that is happening to you?
(Of course you already know that you can save a specific playlist and its several settings to a playlistfile on you HD by rightclicking in playlist > Save to file > Text format .... etc)

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