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pippi 2nd February 2003 10:56 PM

question...only for experts
how can do to starts movie at time xxxx or framexxx?
Is there any command line to do that...?
thanks :lol:

Quietseb 2nd February 2003 11:07 PM

start bsplayer, press F1

near the end of the list are the command line options


Command line:

bplay "my file.avi" ["my subtitles.txt"] [options]
bplay "my playlist.bsl" [options]
bplay "inifile.ini" [options]

File name must always be the first and subtitle file second

Options are:
-fs Start in full screen
-asx Start with x audio stream
x=1-> 1st audio stream
x=2-> 2nd audio stream
x=n-> n audio stream
x=0-> Semi's Directsound 3D
-stime=x Start movie at x seconds
-nsub Don't show subtitles even if subtitle file exists
-skin=s s=skin name
-lang=l l=language file without extension
-eend Exit when movie is finished
-pan Use Pan-scan
-res=WxHxD Start in specified resolution
W=width, H=height, D=color depth
Ex.: -res=1024x768x16
-ar=x:y Aspect ratio, Ex.: -ar=16:9

Ex.: bplay "my movie.avi" "my subtitles.txt" -fs
bplay "my movie.avi" "my subtitles.txt" -fs -as2
bplay "my movie.avi" "my subtitles.txt" -as3 -lang=English

kurtnoise 5th February 2003 01:07 PM

Hello !!

I've try to use -stime=xx in my autorun file but it doesn't work :cry:

I've also try with bsi file and there is the same problem....BSPlayer won't to start in xxx seconds....Any Idea ???

Quietseb 5th February 2003 01:40 PM

well I didn't try it in an autorun.ini file or so..

but in a command line for a shortcut (.lnk file) something like

F:\tools\bsplayer\bplay.exe "F:\Roswell.avi" -stime=300
works perfectly on my computer

In a bsi file, I'm not sure this is possible... at least I don't know such an option and I can't see it in the bsplayer\doc\ini_files.html file

kurtnoise 5th February 2003 03:48 PM

Well..........thank you for reply, QuietSeb :wink:

I'll try with a link as you show. Maybe this will be OK in my autorun :P

dipri 7th February 2003 10:56 PM

thanks for your answers

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