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zmth 8th September 2009 11:38 PM

3 questions : enqueue? ,new playlist format?,first bsplayer version to play flv
1) What does enqueue mean ? And what would enqueue selection and
enqueue in BS player mean ? And what would be an example of what it does or what does it perform or how it may be used ? I have read back posts like
"Enqueue Shell Extension" etc. etc. but they seem to assume too much and is still NOT clear.

2) What is the advantage of new playlist format over the old ? What can one do with it not possible with the old. Eg can one start at any point in the playlist without having to write a whole new playlist or have some break 'idle times' between selections ?

3) What was the first version of BSplayer that would play flv files ?

BSPeter 9th September 2009 12:27 AM

Enqueue: add it to the queue (for playback); or (in other words): add to playlist.
Enqueue selection: add more (selected) files to the queue (=playlist).
Enqueue Shell Extension: a rightclick on a file offers i.a. enqueue-option.
Where is it stated that new playlist has an advantage over old playlist?
You can use either of them depending on your personal preference.
If I remember correctly new playlist came with version 2.11.940.
(ML was already introduced with version 1.38.828)
It has a more modern look, more in line with ML and also has the tags (at the top) like those at the right hand side of version 2.x base skin (video, dvd, audio, radio, tv).
I've no idea starting from which version BS.Player supported flv-playback. (Why do you want to know?). I only know that broken FLV streaming support was fixed in version 2.33.977. I think BS.Player has been able to play flv files starting from version 1.x (in version 0.86 users couldn't add "associated extensions" yet) resp. from the moment there was an appropriate splitter+codec/filter available.

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