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nekros 22nd April 2010 11:10 PM

Subtitles are not displayed - MKV file
Hi guys.
I have Haali media splitter for mkv files, and I am using BS player 1.37.826.
So I am playing MKV file that has multiple subtitle options for different languages, but none of them seem to appear. I even downloaded normal srt file but no subtitles are displayed.
When I open BS player options menu, the "Show subtitles S" option is disabled, I can't turn it on.

Just to clarify more, this is not the first mkv file that I played that "refuses" to load any subtitles. Many other mkv files are fine and I do see the subs attached. Others don't show the subs attached, but I can use srt file and then I see it.
But occasionally I can't see subs at all, no matter what I do. Do I have some codec missing or what? Why some of the mkv files that have subs attached don't show them and subtitles option in BS player is disabled?


abcnet 13th May 2010 11:12 PM

Same Problem
I have the same situation. Could you help us?

abcnet 13th May 2010 11:14 PM

Convert SUB to SRT Files
I trated convert from type sub to type srt with SubAdjust but I get an error mesage from the input file. Wich other program I can use to convert it.

nekros 16th June 2010 01:41 AM

No better help like self help.
I dug more and found that sometimes encoders put *.ssa or *.ass types of files as subtitles. These are more complex files than srt, although not really necessary.
Still couldn't find codec that will recognize them, but I guess later version of the bsplayer can handle it.
So what I do is the following:
I found free small program called MKVExtractGUI2, and when I use it on the mkv file it displays all the tracks inside, including subs file/s. I extract the one I need, then I open it with Subtitle Workshop, or any kind of subtitles editing tool, and save them as srt file.
And voilĂ ! I have normal srt that I can use. You can even add this srt to mkv as well, but I personally don't need to do that.

adicoto 16th June 2010 07:23 AM

ASS / SSA support was aded later than your build of BSPlayer. But still, animation effects in SSA still not supported IIRC (haven't tested long time).

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