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Smokey 3rd August 2010 08:22 AM

Built-in subtitles renderer?
4 Attachment(s)
There seem to be some issues with with the built-in subtitles renderer.

Some screen caps to so what i'm talking about:
Both videos are encoded with h264+AAC+ASS subs in MKV containers.
Attachment 1468<- Making some ASS format subtitles HUGE and placing them on top of eachother. Also i couldn't change the font size or position.
Attachment 1469<- Same video but subs rendered trough DirectVobSub.

And as stated in this topic:
(different video)
Attachment 1470<- Editor comments. (this was a major spoiler) :frown:
Tested with "Enable new subtitles renderer" checked and unchecked, but keeps displaying the comments.
Attachment 1471<- DirectVobSub again.

Also sometimes when the subs are rendered in the black part of the screen (above and below the video in fullscreen), the subs will not disappear after the set amount of time. (the last line will stay until the next one is displayed, even after 10 minutes) This also happens with not embedded .srt subs.
Although this is not 100% reproducible i think it only happens with negative time correction. (happened to me while using EVR and the default overlay renderer)

I'm using FFDshow video and audio decoder with DirectVobSub and Haali Splitter. Both video's also tested with gabest splitter but with same results.

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