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wildheart25c 13th March 2012 10:27 PM

proper fonts of subtitle file not showing up in bsplayer
I am using Subtitle workshop to create arabic subtitles. This software has been mentioned many times in the topics I read (did a bit of searching before posting :D) so I'm sure many of you readers are familiar with it.
The output settings of that program include settings for ssa so i chose the font, the size, etc and saved the file.

I opened it with bsplayer and i got wierd english letters/symbols. So I opened the srt file and saved it as UTF8 and opened the movie again and the letters were displayed. Is there a way to display it while in ANSI instead of saving with UTF8 encoding? Moving on, even though it worked, the font was clearly not the one i set via subtitle workshop.

One user said, from an old topic, to go to preferences - subtitles - then select the right font from the list when you click on font.

This is not the solution I'm looking for. The font should be the one mentioned in the ssa file.

What do you suggest I do?

In vlc something different happened. I'm mentioning this because it might help. Hopefully! in vlc when the encoding was ANSI the letters were separated and not in order. they were arabic but their collective didnt make up any word i knew. in UTF the letters were separated and in reverse! BUT this time it was clear to me that it followed the font I had set via subtitle workshop!

What do you suggest I do?

Thank you.

adicoto 14th March 2012 04:48 AM

As far as I know, BSPlayer's support for SSA/ASS is still limited. A workaround will be to use VSfilter instead of internal subtitle renderer.

wildheart25c 14th March 2012 07:50 AM

Thank you for answering. Could you please tell me exactly why is it that, regardless of the subtitle format I choose, the font used in creating the subtitle text gets ignored? Remember, I said that with my ssa and when I save the file with utf8 encoding, the words show up but the font is the same regardless of the font type in the ssa file.
The same story is with VLC. The fonts used in creating the files are ignored and instead, the font IN the player is used.

Also, sometimes my subtitle doesn't entirely appear. Instead of the arabic sentence I AM HOME NOW i see I AM H and the rest is hidden.
I went to font under subtitle properties and changed the script to Arabic. Now i can see I am home BUT i dont see the last word. I thought maybe I should change the margin width% but that didnt do anything for me.

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