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Default Re: OSD outline, and steady jump speed

Originally Posted by drdlord
On a separate note the fast forward in bsplayer seems to be variable speed, the longer you hold it the further it skips, normally this is fine but it'd be nice to hold shift and arrow back/forward to jump at a steady rate.
It appears that you've redefined the default settings, but I don't know which as you also mention both "fast forward" and "jump" which are two different features.
(Default function for Shift+arrow key is "Subtitles time correction".)
With respect to playback there are (not mentioning Next/Previous Chapter jumps) several functions, which may perhaps be confusing and consequently mixed up.
(Note I can - of course - only give default keys.)
  • [,] Jump backward
  • [.] Jump forward
    (Default "Seconds to jump" is 10, but can be customized/redefined under "General settings")
  • [arrow left] Seek backward
  • [arrow right] Seek forward
  • [Ctrl/F5] Fast forward *)
  • [Ctrl/F6] Fast rewind *)
  • [F5] Increase playback rate by 1%
  • [F6] Decrease playback rate by 1%
  • [Shift/F5] Increase playback rate by 10%
  • [Shift/F6] Decrease playback rate by 10%
It is obvious that when you keep key(s) depressed for a longer while, the keycommand(s) will (after a certain delay as defined in Windows) autorepeat. E.g. if you continue depressing "Increase playbackrate by 1%"-key(s), the speed will steadily "grow" (untill your CPU cannot longer cope), but you have no real control. To come back to the topic raised by you: for "Fast forward" resp. "Fast rewind" you should only apply single key-depresses (and you need not hold the key(s) depressed!). Also for "Jump forward" and "Jump backward" you should use single key-depresses, otherwise the keyboard's auto-repeat function will step in.
Further, if - while playing a movie - you rightclick, select "Playback" and then "Playback rate" there is (i.a.) also an option to select "2x". With this option you keep sound. (There is a funny Winamp plug in which you could use with this; check out this post (click here).

*): There are also skins which provide in fast forward/backward buttons. E.g. try this one (but there are plenty others in BSPlayer's skins-division!!)
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