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Just FYI: I'm just another user like you. Maybe I've only been around a bit longer on the BSPlayer's scene. I personally have never used MENU-button but always right-click. (Such a button wasn't even included in previous BSPlayer's versions.) In fact in almost every post where I point fellow-users to a specific item of BSPlayer's features I start with
"(rightclick >) Options > Preferences > ....etc".

As it is one of BSPlayer's really well known basic features, most other users who - like me - also try to help their fellow users don't even mention it. You didn't ask anything with respect to skins, but instead just boldly "concluded" that skins disabled BSPlayer. If you're seeking solutions for a problem as an evidently rather new and unexperienced user (and if you're offended by such qualification and consider that to be insulting, I really consider that your problem as I cannot see any reason for such feeling: we all started that way!) I would personally indeed ask more questions and refrain from making bold statements. So I don't take anything back from what I said earlier and I also reiterate that by bringing this up as an example you were only weakening your real issue, where you do indeed have a valid point! (That's also why I meanwhile moved this topic to the "bugs-section" of the forum.)

To further respond to your post: as I don't actually ever use menu-button I personally don't know if BASE-skin is the only skin having this button also because there really are way too many skins for me to try if your statement to that effect is indeed correct or not. But then again, it is your statement and not mine. So I don't have to justify or confirm it. In fact the creators of the skins (i.e. fellow BSPlayer-users) decide for themselves what of the available buttons/features they wish to include or not to include in the skins they create.

Finally, whereas this forum is made available by BSPlayer's team and whereas it is also frequently "visited" by BSPlayer's team-member(s) (at least ico-man shows his "face" on a regular basis), in practice this forum (as you will most probably meanwhile have understood) is actually a forum for users by users. It is mainly intended for BSPlayer's free-version users as in principle no support is given by BSPlayer's team to free users (whereas purchasers of BSPlayer's Pro hold an officially obtained registration code and are indeed entitled to obtain direct technical e-mail support from BSPlayer-team itself). Are you a free-version-user or an official Pro-version-customer?

P.S.: Did you meanwhile perhaps happen to read my Help2Help-post?
Help2Help (click) BSplayer: simply the best & most versatile (Build 1072 Dutch language here!)
When posting always mention your computer's OS and the version and build number(!) of BS.Player as used by you,
as well as - if applicable and especially when encountering problems - the type(s) of the file(s) mentioned in your post.
Private messages/Visitor messages are NOT for seeking personal help with respect to BS.Player! Instead use the forums!
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