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Default WorldPay and BS.Player

Ok, let's get some things straight:

1) Anonymous claim
"Ok,WorldPay guy told me this is Webteh decision don't allow to purchase their product to users from my country." IS COMPLETELY INCORRECT.

Original WorldPay text:
"It may be that they do not accept cards issued in Israel, please contact them to find out. "

We have a big customer base in Israel, and we do sell BS.Player into that country. Hovewer, we will refuse any transactions that are marked as "Warning" by WorldPay from ANY country.

2) Anonymous claim
"They took money and after that I got this sweety letter from Webteh. "
As seen in text of automated e-mail from WorldPay below, your transaction has been PROCESSED, but not yet ACCEPTED.

Original WorldPay text:
"Your transaction has been proccesed successfully. It does not indicate that your order has been accepted."
Our company received no money at all from your account, it is being temporarily (up to 5 days) held by WorldPay, until we decide to accept or decline certain transaction.

Your transaction was not accepted by Webteh, and your money will be back on your account within 5 days - due to delayed approval system in use by WorldPay.

We will implement PayPal service in a near future.

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