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Only concerning the topic under consideration this is a limited and condensed version of my Help2Help-post
Originally Posted by in which I
Please help your fellow-BSPlayer-users to help you !
(Note words or numbers in this color represent a direct link which you can click on.)

Please DO take the trouble to read the topics covered in this post!
of the topics covered below:

(1) Always mention BSPlayer's build-number (Where to download latest build?)
(2) Please also provide some info on your PC (e.g. CPU - Videocard)
(3) ...........
and further under "MISCELLANEOUS":
(b) I wish to capture screens, but ...
H E L P t o H E L P . b y . p r o v i d i n g . I N F O R M A T I O N !
When posting a new topic it surely helps if you ...:
........ always mention the actual BSPlayer's version ("Pro" or non-pro) but especially the number (and date) of its build (as shown in BSPlayer's "About box"), e.g. "Build 940, 21. Aug 2006". Preferably always update to the latest version/build first.
mention in your post ...... also - if it might be of interest for your "problem" (moreoften than you perhaps think, it indeed is relevant) - some information on your PC's hard- and/or software: e.g. ..... video card, your videocard's drivers and your DirectX version.
(b) I wish to capture screens, but ...
how .... cannot find
Default key is [P], but - if you so wish - you can redefine through right-click > Options > Preferences > Key definitions & WinLIRC (note seperate settings are possible for Windowed mode and for Full screen mode).
If you did not define any specific location (through right-click > Options > Preferences > General ...... the options re saving of screens are shown in the "south east" quarter) screen images will be saved in BSPlayer's installation folder (default name and format: bscap??.jpg)
Not working?
Experiment with different rendering/overlay modes
(rightclick >) Options > Preferences > Video > Video rendering
with a different setting of "Convert captured images in software" under
(rightclick >) Options > Preferences > General ("south east" quarter of the window)
(Depends also on your graphics card (and its settings and drivers)!)

Frame by frame?
Pause movie and use right (and left) arrow keys to step through the movie
(Depends also on the possibilities of the decoder/filter used!)
Other possibility?
Well, there still is the possibility offered by Windows: [Alt]/[Print screen]
followed by "paste" in a graphics package.
(Its working also depends on graphics card/overlay settings.)
Four clear and simple questions (which please reply in a similar way):
(1) What video/graphics card do you have? (Maybe it doesn't support YU12 format. Then check "Disable YV12 format")
(2) What is selected as "Rendering mode"
Internal renderer Direct Draw surface
Internal renderer overlay (default)
Internal renderer RGB mode
Internal renderer RGB overlay
Overlay mixer
VMR 7 renderless
VMR 9 renderless
(3) Did you try all of these (including Overlay mixer) and NONE worked? (And with YUV mixing mode for VMR? Note: not available in v.1.37)
(4) What is checked under "Convert captured images in software"? YV12 formats / YUV2formats (tried different settings?)
Help2Help (click) BSplayer: simply the best & most versatile (Build 1072 Dutch language here!)
When posting always mention your computer's OS and the version and build number(!) of BS.Player as used by you,
as well as - if applicable and especially when encountering problems - the type(s) of the file(s) mentioned in your post.
Private messages/Visitor messages are NOT for seeking personal help with respect to BS.Player! Instead use the forums!
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