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@elf_sander: Your argumentation is not very solid.

"Ads are optional applications, which are in some cases are unwanted, that need to be installed in other programs. And work as parasites, offering none or almost none additional features. "
Where do you get such unique definitions? Please go to to read more and maybe add your own definition of term Ad = Advertisment to Wikipedia.

Our understanding of the "ads" or web advertising is:
- pop up ads
- pop down ads
- hover ads
- banners of any type
- behavioral marketing
- junk mail...
BS.Player 2.3 does not include any of the above mentioned methods of advertising, we only display our logo in the toolbar (if installed) and display our search page with our logo and set Quick search provider to

"Which is great, but isn't BS.Player a video player?"
BS.Player is a video player, but not only that, did you notice that you can play mp3s, oggs, wma and many other audio formats? In this cases control buttons in your browser can be very handy, not to mention many diverse cases, when this can be usefull - watching windowed videos while surfing...

"Video is always on the screen and so are the controls in the video window".
Not true - if you resize video window to any size less than full screen, then playback buttons will not appear in video window.

"So both the search and control features are obsolete, making the toolbar obsolete"
Search is obsolete? From where you get that notion?

Your claim that BS.Player 2.3 has "ads" is misleading and incorrect. Also it may be misinterpreted that BS.Player 2.3 has "adware" in it, which it doesn't.

BS.Player 2.3 has absolutely no ADS or ADWARE included in it.
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